Label: Karisma Records
Three similar bands: Airbag/Magic Pie/Rendezvouz Point

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Enter the Dome
2. Retrograde
3. Hypersonic
4. Deadbeat
5. Waver I
6. Waver II
7. The 1 %
8. Orbit

Sturle Sandvik - guitar, bass, vocals
Severin Sandvik, drums, percussion, backing vocals


Jonas Særsten - rhodes, organ, piano, mellotron
Ole Andreas Jensen - bass on track 6
Morten E. Olsen - solo guitar, tracks 3, 8

Recorded at Marinius Studio
Produced and mixed by Erik Marinius Sandvik
Mastered by Jørgen Træn
Artwork by Mirkow Gastow

Released 2021-12-10
Reviewed 2021-11-20

karisma records

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There aren’t that many great things about Norway, but they do have some outstanding landscapes and the prog rock and metal scene there is almost impossible to beat. Kosmodome is one of the bands you will find there after their self-titled debut effort. It is a duo of brothers that stands behind the moniker, Sandvik is their surname and they sure knows their craft. The debut sure looks like something from the sixties or thereabout with the kind of logo and cover it has, and it is from that era they borrow some atmospheres to their psychedelic rock music.

It is a nostalgic yet fresh album that borrows atmospheres from around the sixties, but also some stoner and progressive elements make up the soundscapes of this album. It is an album that in eight tracks takes us through the dome and into orbit, in a pretty clever way. They offer the familiar yet brings something fresh to the table, the singer is good and they leave plenty of space for the atmosphere. It is an album that has kind of a retro sci-fi feel to it – Hawkwind comes to mind when I think of bands.

A great album with great songs, it flows through nicely. The storytelling of the album is very strong, at least in terms of the sound. They do offer some views on the world today in case you want to dig more into the lyrics, I didn’t really pay attention much to that as I was busy listening and didn’t want it ruined by discovering that the lyrics were bad, if they were. I always worry about such things when I read things like frustrations towards contemporary society as most people who express such things do it about smaller issues instead of looking at the bigger pictures, and that is why I immediately decided not to listen to the music instead of the words.

I recommend this, this is a great album that is well worth checking out. It shows that you can combine strong atmospheres, retro styles, and more novel approaches into something exciting. I nostalgic yet fresh story told by great storytellers, don’t miss it.