Johan Kihlberg's Impera
Spirit Of Alchemy

Label: Metalville
Three similar bands: Talisman/Eclipse/W.E.T.

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Nothing Will Last
2. Read It And Weep
3. All About You
4. When Souls Collide
5. In Heaven
6. What Will Be Will Be
7. Lost Your Life To Rock'n'Roll
8. No
9. Battle

Johan Kihlberg– mastermind
Lars Chriss – guitars
Jonny Lindkvist – vocals
John Levén – bass
Snowy Shaw – drums
Kay Backlund – keyboards
Mats Vassfjord – bass on “Lost Your Life To Rock 'n' Roll”
Pontus Egberg – bass on “In Heaven”

Age of Discovery (2018)



Released 2021-04-09
Reviewed 2021-04-09



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Kihlberg and his Impera returns with Spirit of Alchemy, a very attractive albumy, at least when it comes to the look of it. It looks exciting, but with the regards from the previous effort from 2018 it is fair to have some reservations before going for this one. Kihlberg has steered in a heavier direction and this one takes another step in the heavy direction with musicians from Nocturnal Rites, Lion’s Share, King Diamond, and Europe in the line-up. Is heavier the way to go? In 2018 I figured that Johan Kihlberg’s Impera would not be remembered when the year was summarised and I was right about that, but will this one be remembered when 2021 is looked back upon?

I guess it depends on your memory, the style in itself isn’t that odd with a melodic metal or rock style with strong choruses and great vocals. The sound is fresh and modern, the playing time kept sensible where the nine tracks require about forty minutes of your time. The sound is more pompous and dynamic than what we heard last time; it also feels like a more well thought out album with more interesting ideas than what we heard last time. I think this is a far more interesting album than the predecessor from the creative point of view.

Spirit of Alchemy is a really good album, it has a lot to offer with strong songs and excellent atmospheres. There is a chance that it is a top-20 album of 202, and it is a definitive step forward compared with the album I reviewed a few years ago. All the songs are strong, but it is the ending that stands out for me and it is where the album is at its best. I don’t think the album has any weaknesses, and it is well worth investment for some of your minutes.

If you like catchy and melodic hardrock/metal Spirit of Alchemy is a great album for you, and I recommend that you check it out. I don’t think that you will regret it if you get the album, you will probably enjoy it – so why not check it out? I think that this one is a great album.