Ivy Gold
Six Dusty Winds

Label: Golden Ivy Records
Three similar bands: Jennifer Rush/Rock Candy Funk Party/Joe Bonamassa

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Face of Deceit
02. This Is My Time
03. Retribution
04. Believe
05. Six Dusty Winds
06. Suspicion
07. Shine On
08. We Are One
09. Without You
10. Born Again

Manou - vocals
Tal Bergman - drums
Sebastian Eder - guitar
Kevin Moore - bass
Anders Olinder - keyboards



Songs composed & produced by Sebastian Eder
Lyrics by Manou
Drums recorded at Tal Bergman Studios, Los Angeles, USA
Keyboards recorded by Alex Pettman at Debut Audio Mastering Studio, UK
Guitar, Bass & vocals recorded at Sold Our Studio, Munich, Germany
Mixed & mastered by Yossi Shakked & Tal Bergman, Los Angeles, USA

Released 2021-03-12
Reviewed 2021-03-08


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Creativity for the sake of life, is something that I read in the press material for this album. As I read it after I have heard the album I wonder, where did they find the creativity. I think that musicians see creativity differently from artists, and maybe other as well, for me creativity is creating something new, different, something that comes through creative processes in the own mind. For a musician it seems to be more in numbers, to do many albums or things like that because most music doesn’t sound artistic or creative the way an artist would define it. There is a simple reason why I think of this, they claim to be creative yet describe their music as contemporary blues rock – there is nothing creative about contemporary blues rock.

Taste the words contemporary blues rock, it sounds just like that, just like you imagine from that description – with female vocals. They do not offer anything really fresh or original, and I don’t think the vocalist offers anything special for the album. And the production isn’t that special either, the thing is that I don’t really hear a fresh new and creative album when I listen to this one. It is a collection of songs that pass through, feels a bit too long and then it ends without the album making much of an impression.

Not a bad album, but pretty far from a great one as well. You don’t have to be creative or original to be good or great, but you need great songs and I don’t think this album has any of those – maybe it is just me but I feel quite indifferent when listening to this album, but I am probably not quite the target audience for an album like this. Still, I cannot help but thinking that this album could have benefitted from the input of a record label, it feels like there is something missing.

Perhaps this album will appeal to fans of the contemporary blues rock music style, but I doubt that it is an album that will much of a make a mark in the world of music. And I think that there are more interesting choices to be found out there, Ivy Gold doesn’t really offer gold here.