Immortal Guardian

Label: M-Theory Audio
Three similar bands: Outworld/Yngwie Malmsteen/Dragonforce

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Psychosomatic
2. Read Between the Lines
3. Lockdown
4. Phobia
5. Clocks
6. Self-Isolation
7. Goodbye to Farewells
8. Candelight
9. Find a Reason
10. New Day Rising

Gabriel Guardian – guitars/keyboards
Carlos Zema – vocals
Justin Piedimonte – drums
Joshua Lopez – bass

Age of Revolution (2018)

Mary Zimmer - vocals
Marcelo Barbosa - guitar

Cover artwork by Nathalia Suellen
Produced by Gabriel Guardian and Joshua Lopez

Released 2021-02-21
Reviewed 2021-02-09

m-theory audio

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It is psychosomatic when the band Immortal Guardian comes up with the second album in their not yet long career where the first album was released in 2018. It is a second album with a distinctive cover art that features guest appearances by Mary Zimmer from Helion Prime and Angra’s Marcelo Barbosa. Otherwise it might be Gabriel Guardian’s ability to simultaneously play the guitar and keyboard that can be seen on a tube that is most known about this band, it is a pretty impressive yet mostly meaningless ability when making an album – so what about this one?

It is described as progressive/power metal, I think perhaps technical or advance power metal as there isn’t much progressive about what we are given here. It is fast pace, some shredding and not that much variation – I come to think about the likes of Dragonforce when listening to this album. They aren’t really offering much in terms of surprises and a pretty unimpressive vocalist, and the album with a playing time a bit over fifty minutes feels quite long to play through.

Not the most impressive album I have heard, it lacks depth and dynamics. That makes it seem a bit stale and static, nothing really happens, and the album starts and then ends without nothing really happening along the way. Could have been fun with more fresh ideas, or some kind of novelty. I don’t think that there is anything that draws me towards this album, there are no hit songs, nothing really exciting at all actually. Guardian looks seriously impressive on video, but his ability feels a bit like a gimmick and his song writing ability is far less impressive than his skills with the hands.

So, why get this album? I don’t really see a reason to get this one, I don’t see any real arguments for it as it doesn’t really have that many great features. The songs are average and there is nothing really exciting about the album. The strongest argument for the album is that it isn’t a bad album, but that isn’t much of an argument. There are so many albums that are much better in the power metal genre, and I would recommend not bothering with this one.