Label: Black Doomba Records
Three similar bands: Aus-Rotten/Mastodon/Voivod

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Custom Of The Sea
02. Hellhound
03. Sights To The Sky
04. Death Before Disco
05. Stingray
06. Smaller Than Death
07. Ghost Dance
08. Quarantine Death Machine
09. Causes
10. Backpack
11. Mad Wolf

Travis McKenzie – vocals
Ritchie Randall – guitar, vocals
Mike Jilge – bass
Jay Willis – drums, vocals

Blasphemusic (2013)
Your Fault (2017)

Guitar Solo "Sights to the Sky" Dan 'Chewy' Mongrain
Guitar Solo "Smaller Than Death" Curran Murphy
Guitar Solo "Stingray" Craig Hecht
Guest Vox - Stan Boman
Horns arranged and performed by Doug Dicharry

Produced by Gravehuffer
Recorded at Skunkwax Audio Unit by M.Jilge
Mixed by M. Jilge
Mastered by Garry Moore
Front cover by Eric Sweet
Rear Cover by Kavie Imasya

Released 2021-01-15
Reviewed 2021-03-24

black doomba

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Americans that are huffing graves, sounds like fun? Their new album is sold with statements like pushing the envelope, a breath of fresh air, things that indicate originality is my interpretation. I also read “a monster of Frankensteinian design” I guess it is the look they are referring to there, judging by the band photos I have seen. The cover doesn’t look great, I wouldn’t buy the album for the cover, but will I buy it for the music?

I read descriptions like crust-punk, sludge, doom and several other little sub-genre descriptions when researching a little about the album. And it is raspy doom vocals, mostly slow and gloomy, sludgy sound so I guess those descriptions aren’t too much off the mark. But they have more, they have depth, some cool ideas and stuff. I like the comment that opens the album, and they spice it up with a disco song, how cool isn’t that? I think that is a great way to spice up the album, but besides that little break with a touch of popular music it isn’t a particularly varied album. It is good that it isn’t longer than it is.

Can’t say that I am too impressed with what I get to hear when I listen to this album, I like the phrase that opens the album, but it promises more than what the album then can deliver. The disco track is also a great break in an otherwise pretty slow and dull album. Still, I might just be one of those lazy guys who doesn’t research the stuff I review, as I read in one review where some writer complained about writers who doesn’t think like himself. But to write a review, all you need to do is write what you think about a specific thing, you don’t need to know or research shit about the stuff you review. Check the synonyms of review, they are criticism, appraisal, evaluation, assessment, etc, but perhaps that reviewer didn’t know what a review is. Still, I don’t really like this album and I doubt that a wider audience have a different opinion.

For those into the sludge, doom or crusty punk stuff it might be something to check out, you might be impressed if you are such a person. But I don’t think it is worth buying this album, it isn’t particularly impressive. When I plugged my iPod into the car stereo it always started with this album, good start but then it is horrible driving music, so that is a bonus of deleting this album.