Glasgow Coma Scale

Label: Melodic Passion Records/Sound Pollution
Three similar bands: We Lost the Sea/Hubris/Noorvik

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Orion
2. Magik
3. Underskin
4. Sirens
5. Day 366
6. One Must Fall

p. kowalski - guitars, keys, programming
m. kowalski - bass
p. adamowicz - drums

Apophenia (2014)
Enter Oblivion (2016)


Recorded and mixed at Tonstudio45, Lahnstein
Produced by Kurt Ebeläuser and Glasgow Coma Scale
Additional Engineering by Michel Wern
Mastered by Andi Jung
Artworkby Marek J Sulewski

Released 2021-09-17
Reviewed 2021-09-09


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I guess the question is where on the coma scale this one ends up, as you know the Glasgow Coma Scale is a medical tool and a lower rating on that one isn’t great. So, better than a three on the Hallowed scale or Glasgow Coma Scale is probably something they want. It is the third effort by this trio, and it is called Sirens, the cover is nice, so there is probably a good chance of some siren songs here.

They are described as post-rock or stoner in the press sheet and that is probably not too far off the mark when it comes to putting a label on the music of these guys. Mostly instrumental, but the ending track has some singing just to give you a bit of a surprise. The production is nuanced and dynamic, the music varied and quite fresh. I would claim that it is a really well put together production.

It is a really good album, strong melodies, dynamics, some surprises, and a fresh sound. I would claim that it is an album that stands out a little bit. It is also really well sequenced and they seem to have thought about making a strong package rather than writing two or three hits and then throwing in some fillers. It is hit potential in several of the songs on the album, none of the songs are weaker and they have enough depth to give longevity to the album. I would suggest that it will go down well with most music fans, it is that interesting.

I think you should have a closer look at this one, it is quite impressive and quite strong. A band that have some fresh ideas and dares to make something other than just follow dull and boring paths established by many before them. This is more exciting and it is an album that will not be disappointing, absolutely worth checking out and definitely far from the low end of the coma scale.