Something Black

Label: El Puerto Records
Three similar bands: Metallica/Accept/Kreator

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Back In Line
2. Something Black
3. And Again
4. I Be There (For You)
5. Out Of Control
6. My Own Way
7. The Calling
8. To My Soul
9. New Home
10. Walking Dead

Marco Kern – Vocals, Guitars
Dominik Eder – Bass
Rene Auer – Lead Guitars
Matthias Mai – Drums

Dark and Cold (2011)
Passion of Dirt (2014)

Here it Comes (2018)


Co-produced, mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque
Artwork by Jobert Mello

Released 2020-11-13
Reviewed 2020-01-02


el puerto records

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Something black comes from the dark and cold reaches of the band Garagedays that offers their fourth album entitled Something Black. It is one of those bands I have been following from the start, and I really liked what they put out – the third album did show something of a stagnation that is common for many bands, they settle into a style and then imagine that they have to keep doing the same thing. This black thing looks dark judging by the cover, and it is distributed worldwide by El Puerto Records.

It sounds very familiar to all who have heard Garagedays before, powerful, raw and catchy songs that reminds of classics like Accept or Metallica and stuff like that. The vocals are powerful and raw, the production from Andy LaRocque is good and there is pretty decent variation of the tracks. Ten tracks are what we get, all of them powerful and with a sensible playing time you need to repeat play it if you want to grow tired with it.

It is a good album, but also kind of what I expected, I like to be surprised and don’t really like when bands keep repeating themselves as that usually only leads to my interest in them waning. The gruffness and energy of Dark and Cold felt novel and fascinating, I could take the similitude another time but another one was a bit much. The third album Here it Comes was probably better in some regards, but they didn’t really come up with anything new or exciting, and it is the same with this one. The songs are all solid, all very good, but I miss a distinct hit song that grabs me and really makes me pay attention. I find myself listening, but not really listening as my attention is often elsewhere as it feels like I have heard the same done better – maybe by Garagedays themselves.

If you like the previous album or albums, there is a high likelihood that you will enjoy this one as well. I like it, even though I would have enjoyed it more with some novelty and fresh thinking. But bands usually fall into a pattern and then repeat it, unfortunately Garagedays do not appear to be any exception to this rule. They make another fine album in the same raw and gruff style as the previous ones, though it may not be as interesting as they were in the beginning it works and I like listening to it, but Something Novel would be a good idea for the next release.