Opening the Hell Gates

Label: Time To Kill Records
Three similar bands: Skinless/Dying Fetus/Mortician

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01 Zombie Slam Squad
02 Premature Sepoltura
03 AmongThe Walking Dead
04 Deranged Minds
05 Feeding The Undead
06 Gore Life
07 Opening The Hell Gates
08 Paura
09 Incubus In The Surgery Room (DEMO)
10 City Of The Living Dead (DEMO)
11 Inferno II
12 Death By Metal

Dome - Guitar, Synth
Fiore - Vocals
Klem - Bass

Incubus in the Surgery Room / City of the Living Dead (EP 2014)
Opening the Hell Gates (2015)
Tropical Sun (2019)


Artwork by Roberto Toderico
Mixed and mastered by Mendel bij de Leij

Released 2021-05-21
Reviewed 2021-05-29

time to kill records

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Fulci was mentioned in the review about Tenebro that I wrote earlier today, and now it is this band has taken their name from the Italian director. I liked their 2019 album and now their 2015 debut sees a reissue with some bonus material. Opening the Hell Gates is the name of this album, and it has a pretty amusing artwork, and they are certainly more Fulciesque than Tenebro that made a fairly drab album, this one is far more exciting.

It is brutal death metal with guttural vocals, blastbeats and all that stuff that is usually there. The difference is that Fulci adds more layers to their music and this album is actually pretty varied, especially for an album within a genre that usually doesn’t offer much in that regard. And all vocals aren’t guttural as well, it is more dynamic than you might expect. Fulci offers a fresh sounding death metal album, that isn’t the most common thing. What is more common to the style is the playing time that is short and to the point, because they know that no one really wants to have an hour of guttural growls and death metal stuff.

Brutal death metal is usually not a great genre, but this is a great album. The songs are entertaining, they are brutal, and they are enjoyable, like you want from an album of this genre. It is great and impressive how they make an album of a dull genre into something interesting and exciting. It is a standout album, and something that brings life into a genre that is usually quite dead and rotten. Genre fans should really have a look at this album, it is quite excellent, and it is great to finally listen to an album that isn’t a complete waste of time.

I don’t think you should miss this one, especially not if you are a fan of the genre. Opening the Hell Gates is doing just that, and it offers some brutal death metal at its best. It is not every day you hear great death metal, and that is why this one is worth looking closer at.