Rage of War

Label: ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records
Three similar bands: Mystic Prophecy/Rebellion/Running Wild

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Rage Of War
2. March Or Die
3. Ram It
4. Firepanzer
5. Running
6. Forever In Time
7. 108-118
8. Army Of Ghosts
9. Rats In A Maze (CD exclusive)
10. A Price To Pay (CD exclusive)
11. From Scout To Liberator
12. Blood Judge (CD exclusive)

Matt “Hawk” Asselberghs -vocals, guitar
Erwin Suetens - guitar
Serge Bastaens - bass
Christophe De Combe - drums

Moonlight Lady (EP 2009)
March On (2011)
Deathbringer (2014)
Annihilate The Evil (2017)
The Iron Brigade (EP 2019)


All music written by Erwin Suetens, except Tale Of The Desert King, music written by Matt Asselberghs
All lyrics written by Erwin Suetens
Produced by RD Liapakis and Bob Briessinck
Instruments recorded by Bob Briessinck @ Breeze Inc Studio (Eppegem – Belgium)
Vocals recorded by Christian Schmid @ The Prophecy & Music Factory Studio (Kempten – Germany)
Mixed & mastered by Henrik Udd @ Henrik Udd Recording Studio (Frölunda – Sweden)
Artwork by Eric Philippe –
Band photography by Rudy De Doncker

Released 2021-01-15
Reviewed 2021-01-12

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It is the Rage of War that comes when we are looking at the band Fireforce, a band that seems to enjoy writing stories about war stuff. Rage of War is the fourth album by this Belgian band, we did review their debut March On in 2011 and kind of liked it, but it could not be considered a timeless classic. This is similar in both graphical and musical considerations and like March On it is produced by RD Lipakis from Mystic Prophecy – but have they evolved into a more exciting band since last I reviewed them in 2011?

It is powerful heavy metal, kind of similar to already mentioned Mystic Prophecy, but with less dynamics and depth. The vocalist is pretty gruff and gives the album a pretty rough atmosphere, I think that he is pretty good. The sound is also quite good, though I think it could have had a bit more dynamic sound and the album could have been both more varied and it could have been shorter as I think it feels a little bit on the longer side.

Rage of War is a good album with good songs, but it is an album that is lacking that little extra that makes a good album great or outstanding. A Standout hit song would be such little extra, something that draws the listener into the album – I don’t think any of the songs on this album can be described as that. And considering that I have to conclude that there are better choices amongst the albums released this year.

If you like the musical direction, like the similar bands etc. it would be a good choice to check out this album album – I think there is a decent chance that you will like this album. The same is true if you like the band’s previous works, I think this is a small step forwards compared with the previous album I reviewed. So, it is a good album, but it is not the most memorable album ever made.