Fatal Sin
Episodes: The Complete Recordings

Label: Thrashback Records
Three similar bands: Atheist/Megadeth/Cynic

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Episode
2. Fatal Sin
3. Intense Distress
4. Civilized Suicide
5. Dreams Of The Future
6. Insanity Of Humanity

Adam Riewold - Vocals and bass
Haven Eaton - Guitars
Greg Threlkel – Drums

Fatal Sin (Demo 1989)
Episode (Demo 1991)



Released 2020-10-30
Reviewed 2021-01-09

thrashback records

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The upside of the ease of releasing and distributing music today is that the selection is enormous, but the same is the downside as most of that selection is indifferent at best and a lot of it is pretty dreadful. Fatal Sin is one of those bands that no longer exist, they never released an album, just some demo material and then disbanded in 1993. Now someone figured that their stuff deserved to be released with three studio songs and three live recordings, at least they gave it a serious and good cover while the music is pretty much a joke.

This was poorly sounding recordings in the late eighties/early nineties when it was made, and it is pretty dismal now. It is thrash metal, they claim that it is for fans of early Megadeth, Atheist and Cynic, I don’t think fans of those bands will like this. It is demo recordings, and it sounds like something a budding young thrash metal band recorded in their rehearsal room but never indented to release, something for feedback and improving the craft perhaps. The live recordings sound even worse, they sound awful and you need to be more forgiving and patient than myself to stand that. Best thing is that the playing time is pretty short.

When I listen to this one, I don’t think that it was a shame that this band never got around to really recording an album, nothing like that. All I can hear is how bad it sounds and wonder why anyone would think it was a good idea to release this crap, is the band even aware? I would have been so ashamed if I had done this recording and it was published, it feels like something one would want to forget, not being in the band but the quality of this recording. It is just difficult to see why anyone would want this one, those checking the video would quickly scamper away and look for something more interesting. Apparently this release was issued in 300 copies, I have great bands in my collection with smaller series than that, established bands. I don’t think they will sell those copies; it would be a miracle of almost biblical proportions if they did.

In the end I am left with the inescapable conclusion that this release is completely meaningless, too bad one can never know before taking on the albums because I would never have wasted time on this had I known how poorly it sounds. Some things are just best buried and forgotten, they should have allowed Fatal Sin to remain lost in obscurity instead of wasting resources attempting sell an unsellable collection of songs. Every album I have reviewed so far this year is better than this, it is that bad.