Electric Boys
Ups!de Down

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Red Hot Chili Peppers/Hanoi Rocks/Aerosmith

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Upside Down Theme
2. Super God
3. Tumblin' Dominoes
4. Never Again Your Slave
5. She Never Turns Around
6. Globestrutter
7. The Dudes & The Dancers
8. Twang 'em & Kerrang 'em
9. It's Not The End
10. Interstellafella

Conny Bloom - guitar, vocals
Andy Christell - bass
"Slim" Martin Thomander - guitar
Niclas Sigevall - drums
Jolle Atlagic - drums

Funk-O-Metal Carpet Ride (1990)
Groovus Maximus (1992)
Freewheelin' (1994)
And Them Boys Done Swang' (2011)
Starfight (2014)

The Ghost Ward Diaries (2018)


Recorded at Ghost Ward studios
Co-produced with David Castillo

Released 2021-04-30
Reviewed 2021-06-01

mighty music

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Electric Boys, I wonder if they are android. And do you charge them by sticking a plug in the wall socket? I reviewed them a few years back, I wasn’t too impressed, good but tired is what I think about that album. They did get six points a few years earlier, so they certainly have qualities when they are at their best, so what about this one? It has a wooden cover art, not brilliant or revealing but kind of fitting. And what can go wrong with an exclamation mark in the title? Probably nothing, so why read on, just buy?

Funky rock is what I often read and there are funkish stuff as well as psychedelic on this album, it is modern but also retro. You can draw parallels to the likes of Hendrix, Deep Purple, Bowie, and stuff like that, but they also have a pretty personal style that makes them recognisable. I read in the press material that it may not be as funky as some of their earlier works, maybe that is true, but it is still their brand of music. The variation is quite large as well, and there is good depth on the album. They keep the playing time sensible with the ten tracks racking up a playing time a bit short of fifty minutes, it seems just about right.

Quality production, quality album, I like this one with its good song. The swang and the electric feel, the boys certainly know how to make it good when they want to. A definitive step forward compared with what I wrote about a few years ago, Conny and the boys certainly hits the spot with this one. I like how they manage to sound relevant and fresh while still catering to the desire for retro that is quite common amongst many music fans – that is not an easy feat. It is an album that doesn’t have any major flaws, I don’t really hear any weaknesses and I have played this one several times.

All the songs are really good on this one, but I think that the ending track is the one that I like the best, interstellar stuff from electric boys is always great stuff. I recommend that you have a look at this one, it should appeal to fans of Electric Boys and to general music fans. It is an excellent album that is great when the world is upside down, perhaps it is what you need to turn it over again – don’t miss it!