Don't Sleep
Turn the Tides

Label: Mission Two Entertainment
Three similar bands: Dag Nasty/Down By Law/Very Americans

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Don’t Sleep
2. No Other Way
3. Reflection
4. True North
5. Abandoned Us
6. Prisoners
7. We Remain
8. Walking In Sinai
9. Refine Me
10. Foundation
11. The Wreckage
12. December

Dave Smalley - vocals

Don't Sleep (EP 2017)
Bring The Light (EP 2018)


Lyrics by Artem Bemba
Recorded at Jenny Records, Lviv
Recording, mixing and mastering by Maryan Kryskuw
Album artwork by Rachel Breeden

Released 2020-09-04
Reviewed 2021-02-02

mission two entertainment

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Don’t Sleep seems to be Dave Smalley, a man of several bands. The other members of the band Don’t Sleep is referred to as: members of The Commercials (Blackout Records), Very Americans (Eulogy Recordings), Junction (Art Monk Construction), and Admiral. It seems like Smalley is the important guy while the rest are nameless drones. It is the first album of this band; they have two EPs before it but this is the first time they come up with an album and the cover is kind of telling; walking through the desert alone.

It is hardcore, punk, that sort of thing. Pretty simple and straightforward music with good energy, the songs are short and to the point all the way through the album. The playing time of the album is sensible as well, with a half hour playing time it isn’t a long album and it would be difficult to call it too long. Smalley has good energy in his vocal delivery, but I think the album could have been more varied and have more depth than what we get.

I find this album to be a bit stale, and undramatic. It isn’t bad in any way but it lacks the depth and the drama that the best albums of the genre, there aren’t any really memorable tracks that makes this album stand out. Therefore, I can think that it is difficult to see a good reason to get this album, what makes it worth your while? I am not really sure that I find this one worthwhile, I would not spend any money buying it.

There are several positive aspects to this album, it has its good points. Good production is one, but the weaker points probably make a bigger point to the none-punk/hardcore fans and I think they are in a majority among music fans. So, while there are those positive aspects it is hard to be very upbeat about one more album that offers nothing really exciting and is average at best.