Tanker Som Rir Natten

Label: Aftermath Music
Three similar bands: Emperor/Blood Tsunami/Vemod

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Englene Som Falt Ned I Min Seng, Skal Jeg Sette Fri Med Brukne Vinger Og Torneglorier
2. Maanen Skal Være Mine Øine, Den Skinnende Stierne Mine Ben, Og Her Skal Jeg Vandre Til Evig Tid
3. En Krone For Et Øie Som Ser Alt, Tusind Torner For En Sønn Som Var Alt
4. Tanker Som Rir Natten
5. Naar Maanen Formørker Solen I En Dødelig Dans, Ber Jeg Moder Jord Opp Til En Siste Vals
6. Vinger Som Tok Oss Over En Brennende Himmel, Vinger Som Tok Oss Hjem


Ciekals - Guitar
Faust - Drums
Kvitrim - Vocals & Bass

Dødssanger (2011)
Besatt Av Maane Og Natt (EP 2012)
Besatt Av Maane Og Natt (2013)
Saa Raa Og Kald (2015)
Norske Ritualer (2016)
Blant Svarte Graner (2018)
Vettehymner (EP 2018)
Ormer Til Armer, Maane Til Hode (2019)


Recording info Drums recorded in Caliban Studios, September 14- 2020
Guitars recorded at Natt og Taake Lydsentral, September 22 - 2020
Vocals and bass recorded at Myrbraaten Lydkammer, Oct/Nov 2020
Mixed and Mastered by Ruben Willem

Released 2021-05-14
Reviewed 2021-04-14


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Norwegian devils come up with a new album, they have managed quite a few releases since the debut that arrived in 2011. This new one is called Tanker Som Rir Natten, it is thoughts about the night, and it has a very nice and dark artwork – dark but with a touch of colour. It is an album with guys from Norwegian black metallers, a genre where these guys also fit in terms of style. It is said to be their most diverse album so far, so what about it then?

Black metal is the description of the style we are getting, they have a raw sound and some eerie atmospheres. In a way it is typical Norwegian black metal, but I think they offer some fresher sound than the usual suspects within this genre that has made the Norse famous. It is a relatively varied album, especially for the genre. But it is also a long album with a playing time near the hour, that is a tad on the long side.

I like the rawness and the eerie dark feel of this album, it has much to offer for anyone into the black metal genre. But I think it is attractive even if you are into other kinds of heavy music, the haunting feel of the album draws you into it. I think it is good. But it is also an album that I grow tired with after a short while, so it is not one that holds up to well to repeated playing. You should play it at larger intervals to avoid growing tired with it quickly. So, there are both upsides and downsides about this album.

If you are a black metal fan you should have a look at this album, there is a good chance that you will find this to be an enjoyable album. There is a chance that it has a wider appeal too, the raw eeriness is worthy of a closer look and it has more depth than the genre usually shows. I think it is an album that could look fine in the record collection, just don’t play it too often.