Reborn Into Darkness

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Iron Maiden/Power Quest/Pyramaze

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Insurrection
2. The Void
3. The End of Days
4. Endless Suffering
5. Reborn

Ashley Edison - Vocals
Steve Main – Guitars
David Stanton – Guitars
Bradley Edison - Bass
Andy Finch - Drums

The Killing Floor (2013)
Pillars of Creation (2015)
Blood Red Sky (EP 2017)

Tom Barber - Guest Vocals on “The End Of Days”
Tommy Johannson - Guest Guitarist on “Endless Suffering”
CJ McMahon - Guest Vocals on “Reborn”

Recorded by Alessio Garavello at Rogue Studios, London
Mixed by Alessio Garavello
Mastered by Lasse Lammert
Artwork by Andrej Bartulovic

Released 2020-12-04
Reviewed 2021-04-20


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Dendera comes up with a second part to a story that started with Blood Red Sky a few years ago, they seem to be going for EPs rather than albums nowadays but still take as much time between the releases. This new one is Reborn Into Darkness and it has a pretty good looking artwork that could garner some interest, but then it has to sound somewhere near as good as it looks. So, if I get curious from seeing the cover, will this curiosity be rewarded? That is the question one might have when taking on this release.

Reborn Into Darkness is a heavy metal release containing five tracks, one of which is an intro. It has a pretty modern sound. I read somewhere that they were very Maidenesque on their earlier stuff, I didn’t hear them so I cannot comment on them, but I don’t think they sound that much like a Maiden-clone. I think they have a relatively fresh and modern sound, but they don’t really think much outside the box. The singer is good, but perhaps not great, they also add a few guest growlers to add some dynamics. And they keep it short with only 26 minutes over the five tracks, it is short enough as it is, but it might be a tad on the longer side if we were to combine this second part with the first one.

I find this one to be really good, well worth checking out and most likely appealing to music fans. It will probably be especially interesting for those that are into the heavy/power metal kind of music. The songs are all good, I think the album starts a bit better than it ends. Perhaps they should have continued on the more exciting route they seemed to be embarking on from the beginning, it is like an interesting intro turns into a more standardised sound. Still, the songs are really good and worth giving a spin.

Should you buy it? Well, it may be more than worthwhile if you enjoy the heavy metal genre. We get to hear Dendera born into darkness with this new and exciting EP, an EP you cannot really go wrong with. So, why not give it a try?