Cultt of She
The Void

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Roulette/Sister Sin/Hydrogyn

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Cataclysm
02. Led Astray
03. One Bad Day Away
04. The Things That Haunt Me
05. Everybody Hates Me
06. Ghost Town
07. Second Sight
08. Why Did Jim Root Leave Stone Sour?
09. Falling Into
10. Moving Mountains

Jess Bariletti – Vocals
Joe Scarpino – Drums
Anthony Panduri – Bass
Greg Scarpino – Guitar
Mike Haider – Guitar/ Backing vocals




Released 2021
Reviewed 2021-10-09


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I am looking into this Cultt and I read that they have spawned from the band Roulette, it is the same band that they have rebranded because of a style change. That is what I read, I don’t really know this Roulette band, and looking at the viewing figures on their videos I doubt many do. They are from New Jersey in the US and this is the debut effort by Cultt of She, a female fronted band with attitude and energy.

Punkish heavy rock music with a metal edge is what we are getting, plenty of energy, attitude and a good female vocalist. There are some things to be desired in terms of the sound, I would have liked it a bit edgier and more dynamic than what is on offer, but besides those smaller issues the production is still quite fine. But it is a bit on the longer side, I think the variation is slightly lacking something that may be down to the slight lack of dynamics in the sound. Overall though it is solid when it comes to sound, but not a particularly original punkish heavy rock album.

I find this album to be good, and as I previously pointed out the vocals are quite good and energetic, the best element of this album. It somewhat lacks a hit song, something that really stands out in terms of catching the listener’s attention. That might lead to the album making somewhat less of an impression on whoever hears it. It presses some of the right buttons, but it isn’t a standout album and I doubt it will make much of an impression overall even on the ones who finds it.

Cultt of She has good ideas and songs, they offer a decent debut album with some promises of a future great album. The Void can certainly be worth a spin in the music player, perhaps even two and fans of the particular style might even think it deserves more than that – but to me it is one of those that will be remembered as good but then never played again.