Doorways of Time

Label: Petrichor/Hammerheart
Three similar bands: Judas Priest/Thin Lizzy/Kiss

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Desert Chase
2. Climbing a Mountain
3. Doorways of Time
4. The Night is on its Way
5. No Body
6. The Sin
7. Heavy Metal Highway
8. Crawling
9. The Scorpion

Phil Gresig – Vocals, bass
Rob Wog – Vocals, drums
Luke Robertson – Vocals, guitars
Philip T. King – Vocals, guitars



Artwork by Rodney Matthews Studios

Released 2021-03-05
Reviewed 2021-03-04



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Winged musicians, four of them, experienced ones, make up the band Butterfly and have put together a first album that is pretty interesting looking. It looks like something from the seventies and eighties and that is mentioned by the press material writer as well, that they give you a chance to relive the seventies and eighties, hence the title.  I really like the cover, it looks quite familiar, but I cannot place what it is I feel the cover picture is similar to, and it doesn’t really matter as it is what hides behind the cover that is the most important – although, this would be a nice vinyl record in the shelf.

It wouldn’t be missing the target to describe this as retro hard rock, it bears strong resemblance with the seventies rock music but with a sound that is fresh but without sounding quite up to date – it is almost like transporting to a not very distant past and enjoying contemporary music. It almost feels fresh. The singer is a classic rock vocalist that fits the Butterfly music perfectly, the album is varied and to the point with seventies rock, touch of psychedelia and heavy metal – a familiar style that they master very well.

Not the most original album I have heard, but it is quite fresh for a retro styled album. I like it, it is fairly enjoyable with some good songs. It makes you step through that temporal portal and end up in an idealised past, I like it how they freshen up the old sound without making it overpolished, kind of a romanticised view of the past and that is more enjoyable than the blander retrorockers that overflow the market these days. Still, there are more exciting albums out there, so from that perspective we can find this album to be perhaps somewhat less interesting than something that is more original.

Got to say that this album isn’t too far off the mark, and I can clearly recommend that you have a closer look at it if you are one who imagines that life was better in the past. I like the cover too, and for that reason alone it could be worth checking out. I like that they keep the album short and to the point as well, but perhaps they could have had some grander ambitions and dared a little bit more. I can imagine that they have the potential to make something that is more exciting than this one while still retaining the retro atmosphere that they have established with this album. And with all those words written my conclusion is that this is an album that could be worth checking out, it is pretty enjoyable.