Throne of Control

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Kreator/Exodus/Testament

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Unveiling
2. Blindead Circus
3. False Face
4. 3B
5. Unite and Conquer
6. Horrorscope
7. For I am the Messiah
8. Throne of Control

Anirudh Gollapudi - Vocals
Vishwas Shetty - Rhythm Guitar
Shubham Khare - Lead Guitar
Yash Wadkar - Bass
Jay Patil - Drums



Recorded at Illusion Studios
Produced by Keshav Dhar

Released 2021-01-29
Reviewed 2021-04-10


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Bloodkill is a pretty ridiculous name for a band but considering the silly names in the metal genre it doesn’t really make you raise an eyebrow. I thought the cover was pretty cool, so I had a look at the debut album Throne of Control, and now that I began to write I noticed that the band was from India. To my knowledge I have only reviewed Demonic Resurrection from India before, so it is a bit of an exotic release even though the style of music isn’t too exotic.

It is classic thrash, that on first glance appears as one more of those backwards-looking nostalgic albums. Inspired by the Bay Area style of thrash and bands like Kreator, it is catering mostly to that audience. But with ideas from the heavy metal style, Iron Maiden is probably a strong influence, and some more modern touches like metalcore influences it offers more than that. It is an album with a surprising depth, and it is an album that gives a lot more than most thrashers as they aren’t just dreaming that they were part of the time when the thrash emerged many years ago – these guys give us something nostalgic yet with their own fresh approach.

A short and energetic album with strong thrash metal songs, that should be appealing to thrash metal fans, and probably to other music fans as well. I think it is an album with great songs all the way through, from first to last track. The slight negative I can see is perhaps the lack of a really outstanding song, but there are so many great ones that it may not matter, and that the production may not be as great as the absolute best productions within the genre. These are small things though and the direct, aggressive and powerful album that lasts for about 35 minutes has way more positive than negative aspects and is enjoyable to listen to.

This is a positive surprise and I have really enjoyed playing Throne of Control, and I think that it should appeal to fans of the thrash metal genre and probably to most metal fans. Bloodkill shows that you should not shy away from silly names and weird nations in the metal perspective, great stuff can come from anywhere and this is certainly a great example of that. I recommend having a closer look at this great debut of Bloodkill.