Slaves to the Nothing

Label: Metal Assault Records
Three similar bands: Slayer/Sepultura/Death

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Vargas
2. Fictitious
3. Subservient Submission
4. Vageta
5. Kamel Krusher
6. Satan
7. Picket Fence Death Night
8. Instant Death
9. Trials Of the Shredder

Ally Levine – Guitars, Vocals
Adam “Wally” Wollach – Bass
Dylan Marks - Drums

Slaves To The Nothing (2017)



Released 2021-05-07
Reviewed 2021-06-25

metal assault records

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The only metal band that takes the world by Swarm, may it bee that wordplay was something the American trio thought of as a marketing ploy when figuring out the name of the band. Slaves to the Nothing is the debut album of Beekeeper, it was actually released in 2017 at first but has now received treatment for vinyl release. The question is if it is a worthwhile endeavour and something worth spending your hard-earned cash on. So, is this debut album by the band from the town of Ron Burgundy worth checking out?

It is deathy thrash metal that is akin to the older Bay Area thrash metal albums, it is quite aggressive with varied and aggressive vocals. Pretty genre typical style of thrash metal in terms of production, that the vocalist is of the female kind is surprising in a way but the style of vocalis in itself isn’t particularly original. In fact, there isn’t much about the album that is original, and the variation isn’t that grand either. But they keep the playing time short, it is short and to the point from beginning to end.

I am not too impressed by this album; the vocals are fine but the album itself is pretty bland and tired. The reviews I noticed when researching this album was pretty mixed, some stinging words and some almost buzzing with joy. I think these are the kind of lazy bees that you see at the end of the summer, none of the songs really stand out and I find that I lose interest quickly – the mind starts wandering in other directions. There are some positive aspects, but not enough to make me interested. Perhaps the fans of the thrash metal genre see it differently, but I wouldn’t count on it.

I you want an engaging album this isn’t it; I think Slaves to the Nothing is a tired and dull album. I would not recommend getting it, perhaps fans of the thrash metal genre might find it appealing. At least it isn’t as uncomfortable as a sting from a bee, and I find it very unlikely that anyone would place this album on any list of favourite albums. Perhaps the sting operation for the next album mentioned in the review can take the positives and make something interesting, but this one isn’t very impressive.