Label: RPM Records
Three similar bands: The Pretty Reckless/Evanesence/Halestorm

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Stand Back
2. Talk About It
3. Sick & Twisted
4. Rollercoaster
5. Poison


Caroline Kenyon - Vocals
Sam Newiss - Lead Guitar
Eoin Kelly - Rhythm Guitar
Paddy Duffy - Bass
Rob Hirst - Drums

Bastette (EP 2019)


Recorded at the Lounge Recording Studio in Wigan with producer Gareth Nuttall

Released 2021-09-17
Reviewed 2021-12-12


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New EP by British rockers Bastette, a female fronted band where the girl is leading creative force. Exposed is what they call this one, and it doesn’t have a brilliant cover. I don’t like the picture and the treatment of the picture that doesn’t do anything to impress the viewer or allure any listener to look into it. It is an EP of five tracks where we find titles like Rollercoaster and Poison.

Musically it is female fronted hard rock, quite catchy and accessible. The vocals are like most female rock vocalists and the variation of songs is probably what you can expect from an EP in the genre. The style isn’t particularly unique, or fresh, I read that it is fresh, and they have their own flair and such things, but I don’t really hear that. Maybe it is the live shows I read positive things about that make them interesting or exciting, but on record there isn’t much that Bastette do better.

This EP kind of exposed another band that doesn’t really offer much fresh or exciting, not much drama either. The penultimate track called Rollercoaster is probably the best one of the five, but none of the tracks are standout tracks. I think they might play it a little bit safe, and therefore none of the tracks really stand out for me. So, the question is why one should really bother with this EP.

I don’t really know; it is a decent enough EP that you can play and enjoy the accessible and catchy music. But you also grow tired with it pretty quickly and in the end it is an EP that you can give a chance, but you shouldn’t expect anything spectacular.