Alpha Boötis
Jump To Alpha Boötis

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Docker's Guild/Bee Gees/Moonlight Desires

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Jump to Alpha Boötis
02. Ecumenopolis
03. Wormhole Gas Bar
04. Serpens Nebula
05. Circling the Belt of Orion (feat. Alattia)
06. Another World (Gojira cover)

Music by Frak & Ozymandias
Guitars & sound design by Ozymandias
Bass by Votson
Saxophone by Krogorlon
Synthesizer solo by Harakoa
Drums by Jotunbot

Episode I (2021)
Space Vikings & Other Stories (2019)
Codex Boötis MMXX (2020)
Stowaway Ants (EP 2020)


RDrums engineering by Antonin Paquette
Saxophone engineering by Adrien Agard
Produced by Ozymandias
Mixed by David Fuller
Mastered by Brandon Allhouse at Steelhouse Studios

Released 2021-09-24
Reviewed 2021-09-05


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It should be no surprise to anyone that Canadian band Alpha Boötis is doing something in the sci-fi and space kind of metal way. This new effort that makes a jump to Alpha Boötis takes you on a six-track journey for about eleven parsecs that takes about thirty minutes. The artwork is quite good, and I see descriptions like sci-fi space disco metal and things like that, so how about it?

The disco metal stuff isn’t a bad description, add power metal and progressive metal to that. It is good variation over the six tracks, good melodies, feels like the vocals aren’t that many either – it is a bit adventurous. I don’t think I see it as a spacey sound, but it is quite fresh and at least somewhat original. The production is very good, I like the sound of this album, and I think it can be described as a quality production.

All the six tracks of this album are great, I really enjoy them all. Perhaps it is the ending Another World and the one called Wormhole Gas Bar that appeal to me a little more, but it is quality from beginning to end. I think these guys really hit the spot with catchy and fresh songs that can be enjoyed many times, but if you are going to Arcturus you would probably need a little more variation as this short album will not last forever, but it will be playable for quite a while.

I can recommend checking out this album, it is good enough and will probably appeal to a wide variety of music fans. I don’t think anyone will be really disappointed with an album like this one, it is silly and ridiculous enough to enjoy many times over. I think it is worth checking out, so why not make the jump?