5ive Years Gone
Rock 'N' Roll Rebirth

Label: Sneakout Records/Burning Minds Group
Three similar bands: Bon Jovi/Bryan Adams/Tom Petty

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Mary Jane
2. The Way You’re Pleased
3. All I Know
4. Never Be The Same
5. Outta My Head
6. Scars Of Love
7. Don’t Shoot Me
8. Promise
9. Get Us Right
10. In The Heat Of The Night
11. Song 4 U

Paolo Cernic - Vocals
Davide Falconetti - Guitar
Andrea Imbergamo - Guitar, Piano
Andrea Cok - Bass
Michael Bonanno - Drums



Mixed and mastered at Homemade Rock 'N' Roll Studios, Trieste by Davide Falconetti
Artwork and graphics by Antonella "Aeglos Art" Astori

Released 2021-11-05
Reviewed 2021-11-13

sneakout records

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Italians of 5ive Years Gone released their debut Rock ‘N’ Roll Rebirth last year, digitally on their own accord. Now Sneakout Records has taken on the band and the album has been remixed and remastered, and it comes with a new cover, and in physical format as well. Rebirthing rock is a noble course considering that it, along with all other genres are constantly overflowing in mediocrity. It is like a catastrophic flooding drowning everything in mediocre silt and mud, and you will be lucky to find the good stuff. So what about these guys, are they just another part of the flood or do they actually have something to offer?

Well, I don’t think the latter is the case. The music is straightforward rock or arena rock, I come to think of the likes of Bryan Adams and Bon Jovi as I read in some material about the band. The singer sounds a bit like Tom Petty, and the production is modern and good with strong choruses and stuff. We have heard it before, and we will hear it again. The songs are numbering to eleven, and the playing time is very sensible. The sound is the tried and tested, as are the songs – the surprises are nowhere to be found.

It is an album that has its moments, but it doesn’t offer a rebirth or revival of the rock music, it is more like a part of this flood. Why do you fill the bathtub when it is already full? Doesn’t everyone understand the concept of overfilling? Most music genres are overflowing so much that finding the great stuff becomes increasingly difficult while the mediocre stuff is everywhere. Very few new albums give a feel of novelty and passion, most are clinical and drab – and they are mostly good, like this one. This one even has some moments that actually engage, but overall doesn’t make any lasting impression.

Solid effort, no surprises, and to be honest; no real need to care. Sure, you will not go wrong with it, and if you are just looking to own plenty of records it is certainly not a poor one so it would probably be a decent addition to the collection. I have heard better and even when I end the text I cannot help wondering why bands are content to make the same stuff as so many others have done, what do you dream of then? To be one in the crowd? I doubt that 5ive Years Gone will make any kind of money on this album, and they cannot even say that it was an artistic endeavour because it isn’t artistic to emulate others. It is too good to completely dismiss and too dull to be great, another one of those albums. I hope that they develop a creative side if they are to make another album.