3 Dreams Never Dreamt
Another Vivid Detail

Label: My Kingdom Music
Three similar bands: Porcupine Tree/Tool/Queensrÿche

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Interconnections
2. The Black Dressed Clown
3. The Ballad Of A.
4. May
5. The Dance
6. J. Doe
7. The Antipodist
8. 3:46 The Moon Of The Last Day
9. The Poet
10. Save Me From Myself
11. Another Vivid Detail

Gianluigi Girardi- Vocals
Andy Signorelli - Guitars, Keyboards
Andrea Rendina - Guitars
Maria Torelli- Bass
Davide Martinelli- Drums

A Vanishing Day (2012)

Ilaria Esposito: female vocals on "The Dance"
Mattia Stancioiu: acting vocals on "The Black Dressed Clown" and "The Ballad Of A."

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mattia Stancioiu at Elnor Studio
Cover illustration, graphics and band photos by Mattia Stancioiu
MUA by Marina Tagliabue

Released 2021-02-05
Reviewed 2021-05-01

my kingdom music

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Well, it seems like there is a bit of symmetry around the band 3 Dreams Never Dreams, just look at the digits of the years of their two releases, 2012 and 2021, next album will be 2102. The cover of their second album isn’t that appetizing, but you can see their symmetric thinking there as well. So, what can I say about what this Italian band has to offer?

Entertainment guaranteed as they begin with circus feeling with music and such. The style itself is described by the promo material as surrealistic avantgarde metal, SAM as it is often known. That isn’t a bad description of what we get, avantgarde, gothic, progressive are probably words to use, theatrical is probably another one. They have some spoken word stuff, and the album itself is conceptual following in the same storyline as the 2012 debut album. I don’t think that conceptual story is that noticeable or adding anything to the album, it sounds like any other album in similar style. The sound is relatively modern and fresh, the production good, it is a very solid production, but I wouldn’t say that it stands out in any kind of way.

Likeable but not loveable album, that is my impression after playing this one a few times now. You will like it if you are fan of the gothic/avantgarde metal, the question is if you will love it – you will probably not be disappointed if you buy this one. The songs are good, the final two are probably the finest. What is missing is those highlight songs that lifts an album out of the puddle of average into a more distinctive position, perhaps 3 Dreams Never Dreamt should have dared to risk it a little more – I think you need to dare to risk failure to be really successful, they are a bit too cautious and doesn’t quite deliver the best on their promises.

Looking closer at this album is for the genre fans and for those enjoying the first album by 3 Dreams Never Dreamt. I think they have put together a solid album with good songs, it works but I doubt it will make more than a tiny ripple in the seas of music history.