Label: BDHW/Soulfood
Three similar bands: Nasty/Bodysnatcher/Malevolence

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

Hadrien - vocals
Kevin - bass
Nicolas - drums
Al - guitar
JP - guitar

None Above / None Equal (2016)
Loathe (2018)


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Florent Salfati at Homeless Records

Released 2020-04-03
Reviewed 2020-03-24


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When France is mostly quarantined, we get this new EP from Wolfpack, it is called A.D. and it looks pretty newspaperish in terms of the cover. We are given five tracks, that has already been released in digital form but the physical will come in about a week. The previous release was reviewed a few years ago and was fairly appreciated albeit not anything that goes outside the box, it is claimed that they take risks with this one – such things are always good, there are far too few risktakers in music.

Hardcore with some metalcore touches is what we are getting, more dramatic and fresher than the album I reviewed a while ago. It is quite raw in sound and the vocals are quite raw as well, good production giving room to that raw and hardcorish music that they are offering. Decent variation over five tracks and as the playing time is quite short so even with lesser variation it works rather well. Sure, it is probably not breaking much new ground, but it is more interesting stylewise than most hardcore I have listened to.

Really enjoyable, lots better than the album I reviewed some years ago and it should most likely appeal to most hardcore fans and probably some other fans as well. The tracks are really good and the energy is captivating, it is a really strong release. If the album Loathe was missing that little extra that makes a good album great, this EP is certainly not missing that. It is great stuff.

The hardcore fan should not miss this EP and it could be worth checking out even if hardcore isn’t your preferred choice in music. Sure, I would rather have liked an album, but I think that you cannot do wrong with this either. Excellent stuff!