Dwellers of the Deep

Label: Karisma Records
Three similar bands: Genesis/Gentle Giant/King Crimson

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. By the Banks
2. Five Rooms
3. Naiad Dreams
4. Merry Macabre

Andreas Wettergreen Strømman Prestmo - vocals, guitars
Marius Halleland - guitars, backing vocals
Lars Fredrik Frøislie - keyboards
Kristian Karl Hultgren - bass
Martin Nordrum Kneppen - drums

Hinterland (2005)
Afterglow (2009)
Rites at Dawn (2011)
From Silence to Somewhere (2017)

Åsa Ree - violin & backing vocals

"By the Banks", "Five Rooms" & "Merry Macabre" engineered, produced & mixed by Lars F. Frøislie. Co-mixed & co-produced by Wobbler
"Naid Dreams" engineered & produced by Andreas W. S. Prestmo, mixed by Lars F. Frøislie & Andreas W. S. Prestmo
Mastered at Tinfoil Audio by Jens Petter Nilsen
Cover illustration by Athanasius Kircher:
"Systema ideale quo exprimitur, aquarum per canales hydragogos subterraneos ex mari et in montium hydrophylacia protrusio aquarumq[ue] subterrestrium per pyragogos canales concoctus"
Map reproduction courtesy of the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library
Graphic design by Thomas Kaldhol
Gatefold photo by Dvir Barkay: www.dvirbarkay.com
Inlay cover photo by Anne-Marie Forker: www.forkerfotos.com
Band portraits by Wobbler
Art direction by Andreas W. S. Prestmo & Kristian K. Hultgren

Released 2020-10-23
Reviewed 2020-11-06


karisma records

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Norwegian progressive rockers Wobbler comes up with their fifth album called Dwellers of the Deep, an album with a pretty interesting artwork. It looks exciting and it contains four tracks from the band that released their debut album in the year 2005. They are said to capture the sound of the golden age of progressive rock without sounding like a copycat or regressive, and if true that is a good thing considering that way too many of the so-called progressive bands are quite regressive. So, are these the guys that blows new life into an otherwise often tired genre?

It is progressive rock, quite classic in style with the spirit of the seventies, but with a modern atmosphere. They have a pretty fresh sound; the atmosphere is pretty adventurous. The vocals are quite good on this album and adds to said atmosphere, and I would say that the production is quite excellent. They also excel when it comes to long playing times with only four songs adding up to 45 minutes of playing time, but with depth and variation and songs that are always moving forwards they manage to sell so long songs.

But it is the shortest song that is the best of the album, Naiad Dreams is a great, dreamy and impressive piece of music and the highlight of this album. But the songs are good all the way through the album, so there isn’t really anything to complain about. These dwellers of the deep has put together an adventurous, atmospheric, exciting, dynamic, and dramatic album with good variation and depth – an album that is both classic and familiar, yet fresh and interesting.

I think you should check out this album, it is really enjoyable, and it is always great to hear music that brings new life to otherwise tired genres – progressive rock is often pretty tired, but this album spices it up with an adventurous sound and great depth. If you like the progressive variety of the rock music you shouldn’t miss this one, it is a great album.