Winter Nights

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Kalmah/Death/Amon Amarth

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. When December Burns
2. Starved For Energy
3. Withdrawals
4. Unmarked Grave
5. Day The Sun Died
6. Encounters

Jeremy Farfan - Guitar, Vocals
Efrain Farfan - Guitar, Vocals
Martin Tune - Bass
Manolo Estrada - Drums (tr. 1, 3 & 5)
Andrew Lobosco - Drums (tr. 2, 4 & 6))

An Endless Apocalypse (2014)


Recorded at Atomic Sound, Red Hook Brooklyn
Recorded by Dakota Bowman & Oliver Palomares (tr. 4 & 6)
Mixed by Neil Kernon
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music

Released 2020-07-31
Reviewed 2020-07-24


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Do we really want to think about winter when July around here has been the coldest in half a century so far? On the other hand, in June several records for high temperatures were broken so it may even itself out and I have nothing against those cooler and clear winter nights when you can look at the stars and dream, and sometimes you can also see the aurora and enjoy the colours of that spectacle. These Winter Nights is an American band that released an album in 2014 and now comes up with a self-titled new album that has a pretty good cover. It seems to have been recorded over quite a long time as the songs are recorded different years and dates. There are six tracks on this new album that will have you longing for those winter nights, or will it?

It is quite melodic and before the vocals begun, I thought it was some melodic power metal or perhaps something more progressive, but then growling commenced. So, it is melodic death metal where the melodies contrast with growls in a way designed to create a dynamic feel to it. The production is good, the soundscapes are fresh and there is a modern touch to it. They also keep playing time sensible with six tracks and about the half hour in playing time, they do many things quite well but selecting the vocalist isn’t the best thing they did as they spice it all with really generic death metal growling.

It starts quite well and when I first hear this I think; this could be good, but then the vocals commence, and this thinking is blown away. The vocals ruin this album, I think the melodies and the songs themselves are rather good and there is fine potential here, the idea to contrast this melodic sound with growling isn’t too bad either but to do that they would need a better growler, and probably some heavier parts as well. So, despite a pretty fresh sound I don’t think they succeed, and that is mainly due to these weaker vocals. I am generally not really that sensitive to the vocals but on an album like this it is really important and therefore it is sad to see how they go for such generic growling instead of trying to find something that works.

When I think of winter nights, I think of something a little more ethereal than this and I don’t think of growly vocals – it should be dreamier to fit the name. But I like that they have ideas and try to do their own thing instead of just copying something else. In this case it may not really work out for them, their new album isn’t as exciting and good as it should have been, but at least they tried to do something. I have to say that I prefer the real winter nights over this, and the answer is really no, it doesn’t.