Don't Remember Me for This

Label: Golden Antenna
Three similar bands: Slow Crush/Spotlight/Snarls

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Timelost
2. Lysergic Days
3. Nausea Curtains
4. Don't Remember Me For This
5. The River Broke Us
6. Life Avoider
7. Heart Garbage
8. Closure Is Expensive
9. It Only Hurt Once
10. I Know Cemeteries

Shane Handal - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Noise
Grzesiek Czapla - Drums, Bass, Noise, Gong, Tambourine



Written in Philadelphia, PA and St. Petersburg, FL from June 2017 to August 2018.
Recorded at Uniform Recording in Philadelphia, PA throughout 15 days in August of 2018.
Produced by Shane Handal and Grzesiek Czapla
Engineer and Tone Architect - Jeff Zeigler
Mixed by Ryan Haft
Mastered by Ed Brooks
Vocal harmony in “Timelost” by Sarah Schimineck
Cover Photo by Li Hui
Insert Photo by Matt Valler
Artwork by Flesh and Bone Design

Released 2020-10-25
Reviewed 2020-11-14

golden antenna

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Pretty cool artwork for this album by Timelost, Don’t Remember Me for This is what they call this, their debut album. Apparently, it is an album that isn’t worthy of remembering, was it not something they really felt happy with? You can ask a lot about this debut by this duo from Philadelphia, but the important question is always how they sound and the title as well as the artwork is less important – so what about it?

Musically it is lo-fi, shoegaze is a term that is usually associated with bands of this variety, simplistic and with a DIY sense to it. The sound is pretty fresh, and the singer is pretty good, relatively decent variation over the eleven tracks this album plays for. The playing time feels sensible and I think the duo has put together a quite solid production with songs that shows a relatively fresh sound, but don’t expect anything of the novel or surprising sort.

The opening track Timelost is excellent, a really great track that opens this album in a brilliant way. And if it was only that this album would have been on for high marks, but it is never as good as that opening track and the experience of the album becomes a bit of an anti-climax what you wait for a highlight that never comes – it is never a good thing to open with the best track. The other tracks are pretty good but they make the album seem almost bland in comparison with that Timelost track – that might be a memorable part of this album, an album that isn’t very memorable in general.

I think that this album has a pretty apt title as this album isn’t really a thing to remember them by as it is a fairly forgettable album. Sure, it is good, and the opening track is great, but it doesn’t leave much of a mark – enjoyable to listen to, and I kind of like it but I don’t think it will be an album that I really remember later. Timelost makes a good debut, but they need to do more than this is they want to make a mark.