Sonus Corona
Time is Not on Your Side

Label: Inverse Records
Three similar bands:
Minutian/Minora/Porcupine Tree
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Induction
2. Unreal
3. The Refuge
4. Swing Of Sanity
5. Oblivion
6. Time Is Not On Your Side
7. Illusions
8. Moment Of Reckoning
9. To The Ground
10. Fading
11. Here

Ari Lempinen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Harri Annala - Guitar
Miika Erkkilä - Bass
Rasmus Raassina - Drums
Esa Lempinen - Keys
Timo Mustonen - Vocals

Sonus Corona (2016)



Released 2019-11-22
Reviewed 2020-03-15


inverse records

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Time is not on our side, and that is claimed by a band with Corona in their name. Although I doubt the name comes from the class of viruses that spawned the now very famous Covid-19 disease that is rummaging around the world having infected a miniscule amount of the population. But perhaps they are right and time is not on your side, considering that we are closing down societies in fear of a virus that kills almost no one. It would have been cool if that was the why of the name, but I think that sonic crown is a more logical interpretation of the name for this Finnish band. This is their second effort and its lyrical content isn’t about a flu-like virus that so far has killed far less people than recurring flu that comes every year, it is about psychological things like someone losing sanity – like a fair amount of the world population nowadays.

The sanity probably still remains in the creative process in this band and their second album mostly follows what they begun in the first one. The sound is good so they produce well, and they have strong melodies, with the addition of keys they also add stronger atmospheres. Times isn’t on their side though; the album is a bit too long and I think that it lacks a sense of dynamics that is needed to create strong progressive music. Did I mention that they are a progressive kind of band? Now I did. The lack of dynamics adds to the sense that the album doesn’t have time on its side, it is varied but feels a bit static anyway and could have done well to lose about a dozen minutes.

I think that this is a good album in most regards, it doesn’t have any really poor parts, but it might lack the real highlights. Progressive fans will most likely find it quite appealing, but probably not find it amazing. A hit song would have gone along way towards excellence, some fresh ideas and dynamics would have done that as well. Now I think that the Corona in the name is the funniest thing about it as I can write things about the mass-hysteria it apparently spreads; did you know that the seasonal flu that comes every winter kills between 700 and 1000 people in Sweden? The Covid-19 has so far killed 3 – its season isn’t over yet though so it might beat the flu as it is somewhat more contagious according to the research that is done so far. Maybe something to think about before you think that time isn’t on your side and the world is collapsing – well it may be, but probably more due to human actions than the virus itself.

So, let’s not dwell more on that now, this album could be worth checking if you like the progressive metal genre, the addition of keys adds something they didn’t have last time. And perhaps the Corona hysteria is good for their business, although it may be the other way around – they are right though, time isn’t on your side and you will die.