Label: Giant Electric Pea
Three similar bands: IQ/Pallas/Pendragon

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Shout
2. Love is Coming
3. Long Gone
4. Stand Up
5. Seven Dreams
6. A New Day
7. Cheyenne (2020)

Andy Glass - Guitar, Vocals
Jenny Newman - Violin
Pete Hemsley - Drums
Jess Holland - Vocals
Robin Phillips - Bass
Steven McDaniel - Keyboards, Vocals

Silent Dance (1984)
New Life (1993)
Circles (1997)
Spirit (2010)
Prophecy (2013)


Cover: Painting by Shaun Blake, Logo Painting by Barry Kitson

Released 2020-11-23
Reviewed 2020-11-20



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The solstice comes this November, Sia is what they say about the new album, their sixth. The band Solstice was founded in 1980 and they did one album in 1984 and was disbanded in 1985, they did a few releases in the 90s before disbanding again and then they came again in 2010, the latest album was released in 2013. They have a new singer and a really cool artwork – they claim that the band is just starting to find their voice now despite a very long history.

Neo-progressive folk rock according to Wikipedia, and that is probably not a bad description of what you get to hear when listening to Sia. Folky and dreamy atmospheres, a bit low tempo through the album but relatively good variation and depth. I like the vocalist; she has a good voice and adds to the atmospheres. For a progressive rock album this is relatively short, but I still think that it is a little bit on the long side, could have been somewhat shorter.

Sia is a good album with good atmospheres and vocals, I would however like some more energy – a more dynamic sound would have been preferrable. Still, it is a very solid album with good songs and fairly dramatic feel. I think that they offer much that should appeal to fans of the progressive rock genre, but perhaps they aren’t offering that much novelty – it doesn’t really feel like I am listening to something really fresh and exciting, it is good but perhaps not that fresh. The production is also good, but perhaps not spectacular.

A bit unspectacular, that is how I would describe this album. Unspectacular but good and if you are a fan of the progressive rock genre you should have a look at this one. It may not be very memorable, but it is certainly not disappointing, with a bit more dynamics this could have been a fabulous album – so, it may not be fabulous but certainly worth checking out.