CD 1
1. A Missile
2. Stay Down
3. Rise
4. Alampandria
5. Shallow Bay
5. If Anything
6. For Another Lifetime
CD 2
1. The Great Spirit Way
2. Fire And Security
3. Perfect Space
4. Fallout

Paul Cook – drums
Neil Durant – keyboards
Tim Essau – bass
Mike Holmes – guitar
Peter Nicholls – vocals

Tales From The Lush Attic (1983)
The Wake (1985)
Nomzamo (1987)
Are You Sitting Comfortably? (1989)
Ever (1993)
Subterranea (1997)
Seven Stories Into '98 (1998)
The Seventh House (2000)
Dark Matter (2004)
Frequency (2009)
Road of Bones (2014)
Scrape Across the Sky (2017)



Released 2019-09-27
Reviewed 2019-09-28



The IQ guys are back with their music of high intelligence quotient, it follows five years after the highly acclaimed Road of Bones, an album we liked here at Hallowed. This one fires A Missile when you start it and then it goes on for two disks and almost two hours. Resistance is the name of the new album and it has one of the best looking artworks I have seen in a while and as we know that IQ usually makes stuff that we know them fore but also manages to reinvent themselves with fresh albums every time. That might be a reason for them remaining relevant for over thirty years now.

It is familiar in many regards with the progressive rock stylings that are familiar from other British rock bands as well. But it is more than that; they take influence from all over the musical spectrum with strong melodies and good relatively high-pitched vocals with great emotional resonance. The variation is rather good and the almost two hours long playing time passes by before you know it, not even the very long tracks feels like they are long. There is lots of depth and you can play the album many times over without thinking that it is too long and it feels fresh just like any album should feel. What you really notice when playing the album are the melodies and the strong vocals, it is a very impressive production that puts up some resistance against boring music.

Resistance is a really good album, one of the best that I have heard this year. You have to be looking really hard to find any weaknesses, and even if you are looking it is not sure that you will find any. Strengths are another matter, there are plenty of those that is fired onto the listener’s mind just like a missile – everything from the hard hitting opening missile to the ending fallout is impressive and rather brilliant. It is really impressive how IQ manages to put together good and fresh albums every time, perhaps that is because they don’t rush the albums and releases something every year like some bands do. Resistance is a very intelligent and impressive album that should work for more or less anyone.

It is one of the absolute highlights of the year so far, a very impressive album – outstanding album really. It might be the best one released by IQ so far and I can conclude that it would be really unintelligent not to get this album as it is such a great one and anyone with a decent IQ should buy it and enjoy it. So if you are looking to put up a resistance against boring music this is a very good choice, it fires a missile straight into the faces of all those sad and boring releases – don’t miss it.



Label: Giant Electric Pea
Three similar bands: Bigelf/It Bites/Genesis

Rating: HHHHHHH (6/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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