From Out of the Darkness

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Angel Witch/Sweet Torment/Death Angel

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. Next In Line
02 Rebel Scum
03. From Out Of The Darkness
04. The Alliance Of Hate
05. The Accursed
06. Siths Revenge
07. The Return To Godless Times
08. Dead By Dawn

Adrian Willis - Guitar
Jamael Rojo –- Bass
Lee Mountney - Drums
Saundies - Guitar, Vocals

Labyrinth To The Gods (2000)
The Return To Godless Times (2002)



Released 2020-09-03
Reviewed 2020-11-06



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From the imperial stronghold Melbourne on Tatooine, sorry in Australia, come a gang of guys that subscribe to the dark side of the force. They have been marooned in some remote outpost somewhere far some the world for a long time, but they have come up with a new release called From Out of the Darkness perhaps signifying their retaking of the stronghold. It is their third venture and it follows a long time after the previous one, it has a decent artwork and eight tracks.

Thrash metal of the variety that sounds like thrash metal usually sounds, inspired by the grand heroes of Europe and the US. The lyrics are of course inspired by the dark side from Star Wars lore, but the sound isn’t really sci-fi or Star Wars inspired – it is fairly typical thrash metal. The album has good sound and energy, perhaps powered by the dark side of the force or something like that. Like the genre in general it isn’t a very varied album, but thanks to short playing time that isn’t much of a problem and the general feel is that it is a well-produced album.

From Out of the Darkness is a good album, with good songs. I think that the title track is the best one of the albums but there are more good ones with Rebel Scum and The Return to Godless Times and more – things that should warm the cold heart of a thrasher. It could have put more of the power of the dark side on here, more imperial themed sounds would have spiced it up. It is a good but not a very interesting album from a creative standpoint, the Sith seems to try to suppress change.

If you are a fan of the thrash metal genre it could be a good choice, you will probably enjoy this album. The lack of novelty might dissuade some who looks for more adventurous stuff, but I think most will find this album to be pretty agreeable – I know I do. Did you also notice what happens if you shuffle the letters of Sith, I don’t think you can praise the imagination of George Lucas in that regard, but it gave us a decent album and that isn’t too shabby, is it?