Project Genesis

Label: Novus Records
Three similar bands: Evenoire/Nightwish/Edenbridge

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01. The Circle
02. End Of The World
03. Sanctuary
04. Echoes
05. Words Unspoken
06. Where The Stars Grow
07. The Spell
08. Strong Enough To Fall
09. The Wild Hunt
10. Edenfall
11. Call Of The Wild

Rebecca Feeney - Vocals
John Connor - Guitars/Keyboards
Michał Bugajski - Drums

End of the World (EP 2018)



Released 2020-06-26
Reviewed 2020-06-29


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Project Genesis, that isn’t a bad name for a first album. It would have been even greater if it was a conceptual album about something menacing, but it isn’t. The band was formed in 2018 and they released an EP the same year, it is also mentioned that the band supported Evergrey, something I don’t understand why it would be worth mentioning as Evergrey isn’t that great a band. These guys have a pretty cool artwork and they are one of those female fronted bands that have been increasing in number for a long time now, and they are good.

Female fronted symphonic metal or power metal if you like, with strong melodies, choruses and vocals they are sure to appeal to fans of said genre. Project Genesis is well produced and shows strong variation and the playing time is sensible, they press the right buttons. You cannot say that they offer anything really exciting from a creative point of view, but they still have a fairly fresh sound and that is a positive. This is probably down to a pretty good depth in the songs, that should give longevity to the album.

Strong album, debuting with something like this will create expectations for future offerings. From opening The Circle I am drawn into this album, it is really enjoyable. Maybe it misses that outstanding track, but all the tracks are really good so it doesn’t matter too much. Another slightly weaker point is the fact that they do not really offer anything we haven’t heard before, I though Evenoire and Edenbridge immediately when I heard this, but there are more you can compare them with, Xandria, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Operatika, and more, and more. This lack of identity isn’t a major issue on this album, the great songs and album overall makes up for it, as does the great vocals. All in all this album stands apart from the average stuff, but they need something more to keep standing out – more albums like this will quickly become boring.

In the end, there isn’t too much to complain about, I really like this album and if I disregard the future concerns I have it is really enjoyable to listen to Project Genesis. So, if you like the female fronted and symphonic stuff there is no reason not to check out this one. I think it is great, the Ravenlight is burning quite bright.