Label: AOR Heaven
Three similar bands: Big Life/Sepentine/Afterhours

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
01 End Of The Road
02 Chasing Midnight
03 Ignition
04 Worth Dying For
05 To Go On Loving You
06 Moving Target
07 Last Chance
08 Life In The Underground
09 Wild Child
10 Promise Me
11 The Island
12 Welcome To The Rush

Steve Newman - vocals, guitar, keys
Rob McEwen - drums & percussion

S/T (1998)
One Step Closer (1999)
Dance In The Fire (2000)
Sign Of The Modern Times (2003)
Heaven Knows (2006)
Primitive Soul (2007)
Decade (2008)
The Art Of Balance (2010)
Under Southern Skies (2011)
Siren (2013)
Elegance Machine (2015)

Aerial (2017)

Dave Bartlett - backing vocals on “End Of The Road”, “Ignition” and “Moving Target”
Mark Thompson-Smith - backing vocals on “Worth Dying For” and “Welcome To The Rush”

Recorded at Chrome Dome Studios in London
All songs being written and arranged by Steve Newman

Released 2020-03-27
Reviewed 2020-02-20


aor heaven

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Ignition is the new album by Newman, the fifth we review by the good Steve and whoever else is in his band. The rating has been altering between four and five when we have written an as the last on got a five it should be four for this album. I like the cover; it is pretty nice in terms of colour scheme and art – but I don’t think the album does ignite.

It is typical AOR according to the Newman format with excellent production, good sound and vocals – solid production. The only surprise is probably the lack of variation, the songs are not surprising. The tempo isn’t the highest but then again, Newman’s album isn’t the paciest band I have heard or written about. Anyone knowing the stuff of Newman will find this album familiar as there are nothing new here. The playing time is also a bit long with fifty-five minutes, the lack of depth and variation makes it difficult to keep the interest up for the entire playing time.

Ignition is a pretty good album, but I keep waiting for it to ignite into some amazing hit song or something like that, but that never happens. So the tradition is kept, this album gets a four, like every other album by Newman. The songs are pretty good and so on but none of them really stand out and I have to say that compared with the previous album it is a bit of a disappointment, a pretty bland album.

You will probably like this one if you are a fan of Newman, although I think most fans will agree that it isn’t the highlight of the discography. I don’t think this album really ignites; it is pretty decent but not one of the most impressive I have written about.