Label: Rockshots Records
Three similar bands: Motionless In White/Falling In Reverse/Linkin' Park

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

01. Inside
02. Heisenberg
03. Shed My Skin
04. Circles vox rit ok
05. Here In The Cold
06. Zen
07. Coming Home
08. What If
09. Will You Feel Sorry
10. Not My Turn
11. BRANDON Outside fades in e out


The Self-Control Juice (2011)
Three Hours of Sun (2011)
The Advertising Box (EP 2012)
Underworld (2013)
One Against All (2016)

Brandon Ashley
Caitlin Stokes

Recorded and produced by NeroArgento at AExeron Studio
Mixed By Veronal and Andrea Rock at Attitude Studio
Mastered at DTuned Brighton Productions (

Released 2020-09-18
Reviewed 2020-09-16


rockshots records

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Apparently NeroArgento is an award-winning singer and musician who now has inked a deal with the label Rockshots Records to release his new album Circles to a worldwide audience. It is his fifth album and it is said to take a step back towards the industrial roots but also a step forward in a more mature and experimental direction, I like steps forward so let’s check out what we get here. The cover seems to indicate going where almost no man has gone before, that could be an exciting direction. For those of you more interested in NeroArgento I can state that he has collaborated with many artists and bands as a musician, producer or remixer, he was also a founding member of the band The Silverblack. He seems to be quite popular in Japan as well, but will he be popular to the Hallowed reviewers? They are very neutral so probably not, but what about the album?

It is very synth-infused metal so industrial is probably not the worst description, synthpop-metal might be another way to describe it as it sounds like there are some borrowing from the synthpoppers. The sound is fresh and good, the vocals are also good for the music but perhaps not that special in their own right. NeroArgento has a fairly original approach and voice, it is familiar stuff yet done in such a way that these elements are used to create something that sounds new and fresh, modern and interesting. The variation could have been better though, and the same can be said about the dynamics of the album – with sensible playing time it is not major risk that you will grow tired of it though?

Circles is a good album and I have been playing it in circles today, there is this small but though and that is the similitude of many songs. It leads to the album losing some of its energy and quality, in its best moments it is quite brilliant, like the third track Shed My Skin that is a great piece of music. That track is fairly alone though, the ninth track also stands out somewhat for me but most of the album is good but not so good that you really pays attention to it – there are moments when you really listen but most of the album takes place in the background.

Fans of this kind of music will most likely find this very good and interesting, so if you are one of those fans it is probably a very good idea to have a closer look at this fine album. If you aren’t, you will most likely still find this to be an agreeable album and I doubt that anyone will really dislike the album. Circles is a good album overall, and it has flashes of excellence – why not check it out?