Label: TriTech Music
Three similar bands: Tritonus/Circus Maximus/Pagan’s Mind

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1.The Big Question
2. The Lotus Eyed
3. Unity
4. These Are The Days
5. The Journey
6. Standing Tall
7. Brahman
8. Through The Veil

Mathias Molund Indergård – Lead singer
Thor-Axel Eriksen – Guitars
Ola Øverli – Bass
Marius G. Belseth – Guitars
Ole Devold – Drums

Elements Of Warfare (2013)
Edge Of The World (EP 2016)


Produced by Thor-Axel Eriksen & Ole Andreas Devold
Mixed & Mastered by Neil Haynes @ The Parlour Recording Studio

Released 2020-03-13
Reviewed 2020-02-25


tritech music

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Norway’s Mindtech comes up with an album called Omnipresence, their second album and it looks pretty interesting – I really like the colour scheme, so what about the colour of the music? Norwegians have their own flavour of the progressive metal, perhaps most illustrated by the likes of Leprous, Pagan’s Mind and Circus Maximus to name a few. The style is inspired by Dream Theater but not as dull and complex as many Theater copycats tend to be, they have only a 45-minute playing time for the album and not a single track over seven minutes, how many proggers do that? Too few.

The names I named of Norwegian proggers is a good reference for how this album sounds, Dream Theater inspired with nice proggy touches but still pretty easily accessible and catchy. Good variation over eight tracks, strong production and good vocals, an album that kind of sounds the way it looks. I think it is a pretty fresh album, although I wouldn’t claim that it is breaking any new musical ground but they walk on paths that are less threaded and that is always a positive thing to do as there is way too much similitude in the music world, these guys do well not to add to that.

Omnipresence is an enjoyable album with strong tracks throughout, it starts and ends really well and is strong in between. I like it that they do not go down the unnecessarily complex way and keep the songs easily accessible, that is a change from much of the newer progressive bands that arrive. It is an album with lots to offer and it should do well with a fairly wide audience and especially amongst those enjoying the similar bands.

Mindtech offer us some really interesting music, good and fresh songs make this an album well worth checking out and probably makes it one of the more interesting albums so far this year. Sure, it doesn’t offer anything that breaks any new ground, but it is fresher than much of the newer stuff that is being released nowadays. I recommend that you have a closer look at this great album.