L'Uomo Nero
Andiamo Nel Deserto

Label: Desert Records
Three similar bands: Red Mesa/Ecstatic Vision/Melvins

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Andiamo
2. Afterman
3. Nel Deserto
4. Walk Away

Dominic Cagliostro (Domenico L’oscuro) - Vocals and guitar
Robson Guy (Quello Bello) - Bass guitar
Luke Seelau (Sentire) - Drums



Artwork by Dave Briggs

Released 2020-11-06
Reviewed 2020-11-03

desert records

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L’Uomo Nero is Italian for The Bogeyman and they title this EP that is the first of three in a story Let’s go Into the Desert, and it is easy to think that they are Italian considering the title and name as well as some song titles. But they are from New Mexico in the United States, you know that strange big country with a moron for president – hopefully not for long. I think this is their first release and as I mentioned it is the first of three in a story of occult detectives looking for a lost woman in the desert New Mexico – something like that.

Occult blues rock is what I read when it comes to descriptions of this album, and that isn’t a bad description of what you can expect from this album. Stoner might also be a way to describe it, imagine bands in the mentioned genre and you have a decent idea of how this album sounds. It isn’t exactly what I would call original, they come up with things already done by many before them. And the EP is short as well, it almost ends before it begins – perhaps it would have been wiser to combine the three EP into an album instead of three separate releases.

I think that this EP is good, but perhaps it lacks outstanding hit songs. If you like the genre you will most likely find this album quite agreeable, perhaps even exciting. It feels a little bit on the short side and that thought about an album is strong, it needs more content and more variation to really shine – that would probably be helped when combining all the three EP-records into a whole unity. It is a good start, and if the next part is as good it will be really exciting.

Andiamo Nel Deserto is a good EP, but maybe it doesn’t quite take off. It lacks that really excellent hit song that would make me really want to return to this EP. I find it to be a solid little EP, it works but it doesn’t really shine – but it could be worth checking out if you like the style.