Louis Jucker
Something Went Wrong

Label: Hummus Records
Three similar bands: Coilguns/Kunz/The Fawn

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. 31 Years of Waiting for This
2. Our Easter Wedding
3. Shy of Fire
4. The Heat / Hello Weirdo
5. Resilience
6. Losing Hair
7. The Dam
8. I Hate to Hurt the Hearts I Eat
9. Half a Kid and Me
10. To the Origin

Louis Jucker - vocals, guitars, keys, percussion, harp, sonic tricks
Steven Doutaz - drums and bg vocals
Carmille Mermet - backing vocals
Louis Schild - backing vocals

Chinese Sketches (EP 2011)
Everything comes back the same (EP 2013)
Eight Orphan Songs (2013)
The Black Lake (2014)
Some of the missing ones (EP 2015)
The Hollow Fourth (EP 2016)
L'Altro Mondo : Music with Lovers & Friends (2017)
Kråkeslottet [The Crow's Castle] (2019)


recorded and mixed on 8 tracks 1/2-tape by Louis Jucker at Louis Schild’s cabin in Villa (CH), summer 2018
Digital mastering by Morgan Hug
Vinyl mastering by Cyril Meysson
Cover picture and polaroids by Augustin Rebetez
Disposable camera shots and typewriter collages by Louis Jucker
Scanner art, rapidograph and layout by Marie Rebmann

Released 2020-10-30
Reviewed 2020-10-13


hummus records

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Louis Jucker states that something went wrong in the title of his new album that is described as a self-portrait in ten songs, and his most exhaustive work to date. Jucker is a prominent figure on the Swiss alternative scene having been heard on bands like Coilguns and other things, a hero for the Lo-Fi and DIY crowds of the Swiss music scene, or something like that. The album comes in a very nice digipak, the cover picture isn’t amazing but that is because I don’t like beards. But what about the album then, is it great?

It is folk or folk rock, something like that, lo-fi and DIY and in that kind of musical bracket. Decent compositions, okay singing and variation, not much depth perhaps and a bit more dynamics could have livened it up somewhat as it feels kind of stale. The playing time is pretty sensible and Jucker should have a plus for doing more of his own thing than many other artists.

I think that Jucker makes a pretty decent album, but not an overly impressive one. The best parts are quite good, but the album isn’t a very memorable one, I think it needs more drama and dynamics. Jucker has some good ideas but if you hade waited 31 years for this you might be somewhat disappointed he would have needed something much more exciting if it should be worth waiting so long for it. I think Jucker has done more interesting stuff with Coilguns but I don’t think this album is particularly exciting.

31 Years Waiting for This is a good opening, but it doesn’t really go anywhere from there, nowhere really and then it ends without really getting anywhere. It feels like something went wrong, fitting title for an album that fails to inspire. When listening to this album I find myself wondering about who is supposed to get this album, perhaps the lo-fi or DIY crowds but it isn’t really an album that will make any bug ripples in the streams of music.