Less Than Jake
Silver Linings

Label: Pure Noise Records
Three Similar bands:
Green Day/The Offspring/Blink-182
Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The High Cost of Low Living
2. Lie To Me
3. Keep on Chasing
4. Anytime and Anywhere
5. The Test
6. Dear Me
7. Monkey Wrench Myself
8. King of the Downside
9. Lost at Home
10. Move
11. Bill
12. So Much Less

Chris DeMakes – guitar, vocals
Roger Lima – bass, guitar, vocals
Buddy "Goldfinger" Schaub – trombone
Peter "JR" Wasilewski – tenor saxophone, backing vocals
Matt Yonker – drums

Pezcore (1995)
Losing Streak (1996)
Hello Rockview (1998)
Borders & Boundaries (2000)
Anthem (2003)
In With the Out Crowd (2006)
GNV FLA (2008)
See the Light (2013)
Sound the Alarm (2017)


Recorded atThe Moat House in Gainesville, Florida
Mixed and mastered at Blasting Room by Jason Livermore
Cover art by Pete Wonsowski

Released 2020-12-11
Reviewed 2020-12-28

pure noise records

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Silver Linings is the ninth album by ska punk Americans Less Than Jake, a band that has managed a lot during their now fairly long and successful career. But it may not be the sells and the many miles on tours that is their strongest feat, according to the press sheet it is what they bring to your party. This new album Silver Linings doesn’t have the most impressive cover art, and it features a new drummer – but it is probably the use of a saxophonist and trombonist that sets the band apart from other punk rockers.

Ska punk is the usual description of Less Than Jake, and that is probably a good description of what we get, upbeat melodic punk spiced up with sax and trombone. The use of those unusual instruments gives their music a personal touch, but in most part it is pretty common punkrock with vocals akin to that style and music usually into that area. It is accessible and easy to like but it also lacks variation and had the album been longer it would have seemed to be pretty boring towards the end, but the sensible playing time helps the album avoid that.

Silver Linings is a good album, the upbeat music often brings a smile to the face. It is easy to like and I find it likeable in many regards, but I also grow tired of this album pretty quickly and most of the tracks aren’t really that memorable. Though it is enjoyable, it isn’t an album that will make much of a mark in the scrolls of music history. Guitarist and vocalist DeMakes stated about the album: "If you love Less Than Jake, you're going to love the record. If you didn't like us before, it's not going to change your mind", and I think that pretty much sums it up.

So, in the end I think that if you like Less Than Jake, and if you like the upbeat punk rock, it is an album that will be worth looking closer at. I like it but don’t really expect it to be looked upon as anything but another album by Less Than Jake, a solid effort by a solid band.