Sagan om Rymden

Label: Ripple Music
Three similar bands: Kaipa/Bo Hansson/Ruphus

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Omniverse
2. Small Beginnings
3. The Omega Experiment
4. Tillakablick the Usurper
5. Multiverse
6. The Fermi Paradox
7. The Creation Hymn
8. On The shoulders Of Giants
9. The Unanswered Question

Mr. Jay – Guitar, Vocals
Marcus – Guitar
Maximillian – Bass
Mano – Drums

Mapping The Inner Void (2017)
The Great Nothing (2018)



Released 2020-07-10
Reviewed 2020-12-21

ripple music

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Sagan om rymden is of course Swedish for The Tale About Space, something like that. And it is a tale told in nine chapters over 44 minutes, with a really nice cover. I would consider it for the cover, but also the title – a story about space is pretty cool, both musically and overall. It is the third album by this band that is clearly inspired by classic Swedish progressive rock music like Kaipa, Bo Hansson, etc. And they have been pretty diligent, the first album was released in 2017 and this is already the third one.

It is classic progressive rock; sounds like classic Swedish bands I would say but with a slightly fresher production. Dreamy sound and vocals, a bit psychedelic and dramatic, like a story about adventuring in space perhaps. Good vocals, and good variation – maybe not creatively the most interesting stuff ever heard but I would say that it is an exciting album anyway. It is like a space adventure that would fit as well just sitting down listening to on vinyl, as playing like a soundtrack to everyday life. It is a very well-made album with decent variation and a sensible playing time.

Sure, you could argue about the originality of this album, that it looks backwards rather than coming up with something fresh and new. But it is so really well made that it doesn’t really matter so much, it is also exciting, and the storytelling is really good. The cool thing about telling tales about space is that it is so vast that you can think of new and exciting stories for eternity, if you have enough imagination and hopefully these guys do. And they end with a cliffhanger, The Unanswered Question is the ending track of this album, I think the nine chapters can have much more added to them in order to answer said question in the future – I guess we will see soon.

The best track is the opener Omniverse and the ending one called the Unanswered question where the album title is presented. I really like the ending where they sing in Swedish about the tale of space, how can you resist that? The answer is that you can’t and with so many great tracks it is a memorable album, and worthy of looking much closer at.