Quantum Resolution

Label: Eastbreath Records
Three similar bands: An Isolated Mind/Iapetus/Khonsu

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Quiet Eye
2. Spiritual Anarchism
3. Inward Journey
4. The Sleep System
5. Testimony
6. Driven
7. Zoe
8. Hidden No More
9. Apocalypse: Quantum Resolution
10. Pneumatic Union

As in 2020, Kekal has no official band members

Beyond the Glimpse of Dreams (1998)
Embrace the Dead (1999)
The Painful Experience (2001)
1000 Thoughts of Violence (2003)
Acidity (2005)
The Habit of Fire (2007)
Audible Minority (2008)
8 (2010)
Autonomy (2013)
Multilateral (2015)
Deeper Underground (2018)


Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jeff Arwadi at Ideation Station
Partial photography by Levi Sianturi & Jeff Arwadi
Front cover concept and digital artwork by Jeff Arwadi
Front cover photography by SCA

Released 2020-08-01
Reviewed 2020-08-13


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It is very high resolution when Indonesian act Kekal comes up with a new album called Quantum Resolution, perhaps it is QHD, but I think it is probably something else, QR perhaps? It is a band without members, and they have apparently used that approach since 2009, there are previous members and such coming together to create the albums. A band that has more than ten albums in their discography so far, and this one is their second conceptual album that is diverse and multi-textual. “Thematically, the album is based on the spiritual insight, or Gnosis: The revelation about knowing who we really are as a species and as Humanity and where we are going. The lyrics dig with our dark history from a distant past, and also dig into our present time and future as well: what is our role here on Earth, and how do we deal with all the deceptions that are so rampant and very structural encompassing every aspect of life, as we are closing the chapter of our present age.” It is said from the band about the album.

In terms of style they are not really fitting into any particular box, I see that avant-garde is thrown around but with progressive, with rock, metal, electronic, and other influences. A very diverse album, almost fragmented or incoherent but not really as it is actually quite coherent despite being all over the place in terms of style. And the production is quite strong, I think they are quite fresh and original and have many different ideas, strong production and good depth – most vocals are really good and they have enough variation to be interesting for the entire playing time that is about 57 minutes long split in ten tracks or ten chapter considering that it is a conceptual story that they tell rather well.

I really like this album, it is very strong, very interesting and very good. It is a really fresh album with lots of interesting ideas, and they can be described as quite original. It is one of those albums I think about giving a really high rating, but I am missing that little extra, that little edge like a sensational hit song or something. But I have really enjoyed listening to this album and can recommend that you check it out, especially if you like bands that doesn’t really fit into a box.

It is great that Kekal dares to think outside the box, not too many bands do that and that’s always a positive thing when a band does that. So, I think you should have a look at this really strong album, it looks great in quantum resolution – really enjoyable stuff.