Frank Vestry
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Label: Lions Pride Music
Three similar bands: Last Temptation/Laneslide/Devias

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Review: Daniel Källmalm
1. Without You
2. Understand
3. Break It
4. Gone
5. Dancing Girls
6. Without Love
7. When You Grow Up
8. Starcrossed
9. Desperate
10. One More Night
11. In Your Arms Again
12. Last Night

Frank Vestry - vocals

Different Sides (2004)

Rob Marcello
Bruno Ravel
Jon Levin
Greg Smith
Charlie Ambrosia
Arnie Miot
Steve Hervatic
Allan Gabay
Steve Murphy
BJ Zampa
Rob DeMartino
Bruno Kraler
Alessandro Del Vecchio
Dominik Hulshort
John Billings
Lino Gonzalez
Erik Martensson
Michael Bormann
Mike Pont
Ross “The Boss” Friedman
Rich Fazio
Ronnie Giordano
Larry Sacchetillo
Jack Starr
John Rodriguez
Tony Galtieri

Tracks 3, 5, 7, 8, 9,& 11 Remastered by Chris Siloma at C.S.M. Studios in 2019

Released 2020-03-30
Reviewed 2020-03-11

lions pride music

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Frank Vestry is one of the greatest vocalists in the melodic rock/AOR-genre, I wrote positive things about him when I wrote about the Laneslide album Flying High in 2013. And I wrote positive things about the album as well, some tracks are from that album and others are from other projects where Vestry have been involved. It is his collection from his decades of singing and features a legion of great musicians – some of the tracks are remastered and they are a whole dozen if you count them all.

It is a dozen tracks ad they are of the AOR kind; the remastering is expertly done so it doesn’t really feel like tracks compiled from several different projects, they fit well together as a strong unity. Quite the coherent album despite the songs coming from different projects, and well produced, with great vocals, and strong variation as well as decent depth. It is a well-rounded collection of songs, and a plus also for keeping it pretty short and not having too many songs like there are on some compilations.

This is a great album with great songs and brilliant vocals, it is hits all the way through and no weak tracks. I would have liked the cover song Self Cotrol from the Laneslide album, but it is far from a deal breaker as there are other great tracks from that mentioned album, like my favourite of this one Dancing Girls. But picking that favourite isn’t easy and if you were to ask me to listen and pick a favourite late in the year it might be another one, all the songs are great.

I think you should check this album out; it is great and well worth giving a moment of your time. If you do you will get to know a great collection of songs by one of the finest vocalists in the AOR/Melodic rock genre, you shouldn’t miss this one.