South of Heaven

Label: Profound Lore Records
Three similar bands: Coliseum/Young Widows/Enter Shikari

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Invisible
2. Foto On Wire
3. ​Love Is A Devil
4. Up Above the World
5. Hold Me in the Night
6. Never Fall Out of Love
7. Expulsion from Paradise
8. Blue Smoke
9. Chaos & Cosmos
10. Tough Skin

Fotocrime is R

Always Hell (EP 2017)
Always Night (EP 2017)

Principle of Pain (2018)

Hayden Menzies
Nick Thieneman
Erick Denno

Produced by J. Robbins and R.
Recorded by Steve Albini, J. Robbins, and Simon Small
Electronic recording and production by R.
Recorded at The Magpie Cage in Baltimore, Electrical Audio in Chicago, Musicland Studios in London.
Mixed by J. Robbins at Magpie Cage
Mastered by Shelly Anderson at Black Lab Mastering
Artwork and design by R.

Released 2020-03-13
Reviewed 2020-03-09


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South of Heaven is the second album by Fotocrime, the project by a man who calls himself R. I think it is strange to oneself a letter but who am I to judge? I liked the first album that was called Principle of Pain, its cover is better than this one. Musically it is a logical sequel to the first album, but I think the first one was better. This is more like the first time I heard the band on their Always Night EP, sort of not as good as it could have been.

Darkwave or post-punk, something to that effect is the way I would describe this album, a bit darkish with distinct keys and Depeche Mode-ish vocals. It is something like that, but it doesn’t feel as fresh as the previous album and not as interesting. I think there is a slight lack of depth and variation in this album, something that wasn’t the case on the previous album. Still, in many regards it is probably more interesting than most stuff that ends up I my inbox.

South of Heaven is a pretty good album with pretty good songs, there are no really weak tracks so you should not dislike the album if you decide to check it out. And if you are a fan of Fotocrime you might find this album to be very good, although not quite as good as the previous one. The previous one had some standout tracks, this one doesn’t. I think the ending track Tough Skin is good but not as good as the best from the earlier album.

So, this new album isn’t as good as the previous one but it is good enough to give a few spins in the record player and certainly worth checking out for the Fotocrime fans out there. I do however, think that R should take some inspirations and writing assistance from others than himself as it seems like he is repeating the same thing over and over, and therefore this album is less exciting than the previous one was.