Everyone Hates Everything
Holding The Hand Of Death

Label: Profane Records
Three similar bands: Soulline/The Invict/Ann My Dice

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. The Wrath to Come
2. Earth's Funeral Procession
3. Desolate is a Dark Place to Be
4. The 9th Hour of Friday
5. Everyone Hates Everything
6. The Light that Has Left Me
7. Embracing Suicide's Loving Arms
8. Alone at the Apocalypse
9. Into the Abyss
10. The Ring

Paul Lowe Jr - Vocals
Ben Maccagnan - Guitar
Jared D’allesandro - Drums
Bill Hollis - Guitar
Chris Willis - Bass




Released 2019-11-29
Reviewed 2020-03-04


profane records

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These days we seem to hate everything, immigrants, strangers, fat people, foods, cars, plastic bags, and everything else depending on who you ask. There is not respect and tolerance towards people’s differences and likes these days, so I guess the name of this band from Pittsburgh in the land with the hateful president is a fitting one. They have cleverly selected a symmetric title for their debut album, but no one seem to have bothered with cover and logo. Perhaps they have focused on the music instead of the cover?

The music is described as metalcore or death metal, both fits well with growly vocals and pretty aggressive songs as well as pretty raw sound. The production is okay, could have been better and edgier but it works okay, and the same goes for the vocals. The variation could have been more, there is some very catchy stuff, but the overall selection of songs lacks sense of dynamics and depth. I also think that the album feels a bit long, and that is despite the fact that the playing time is only a few minutes past the thirty-minute mark.

It is not a very impressive album, but it is a fairly good one. In the best moments this album almost shines but those moments are few and not a single complete song stands out as having hit potential. That lack of hit songs and the lack of original ideas is a bit negative, an album needs either fantastic songs or originality, it can have both but you need at least one to make an album that seems worthwhile today when there are already so many albums in circulation. This one adds nothing, and that might be why a search for it reveals almost nothing on the web even though it has been out for a while now.

You might find this album to be good if you enjoy the metalcore music, otherwise it is probably the wisest choice not to really bother with this one. We probably need less hate and handholding with death if we wat to have a good society, I certainly don’t hate the debut album by this band, but I don’t love it either.