Black Devil Lies

Label: Fastball Music
Three similar bands: Turbonegro/Horizons Edge/Envenomed

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Against the Grain
2. Betrayal Avenged
3. The Ritual
4. Children of the Night
5. Blood Debt
6. Black Devil Lies
7. Eyes of the Insane
8. Zombocalypse
9. Double Cross the Dead
10. Face Your Demons
11. Behind the Mirror
12. No More
13. Dopetown (live)

Dave Lowes - guitars, vocals
Rüe Power - guitars
Azz Mammoth - Bass, Vocals (backing)
Dean Lewer - Drums

Bring On The Doom (2015)

Daniel Mackie - Vocals (choirs)
Ashar Lowe - Vocals (choirs)
Chris Themelco - Vocals (choirs)
Tim Surtees - Vocals (choirs)

Produced by Chris Themelco & Demonhead
Mixed by Chris Themelco
Mastered by Thomas "PLEC" Johansson
Dopetown mixed and mastered by Chris Themelco
Cover art by Tristan Tait Illustration

Released 2020-04-03
Reviewed 2020-03-16


fastball music

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Australian Demonhead says Black Devil Lies, so don’t listen to that black devil as he is always telling lies. The band was founded in 2007 and the debut album was released in 2015 and this one was released in fall of last year and it is now released again by Fastball Music. This European release has a bonustrack that is a live track of a song called Dopetown, which I suppose comes from their first album or something like that. The cover looks a bit so-so, neither great nor worthless – so what about the music.

“Demonhead take the riff driven elements of Thrash and Traditional Metal and combine these with the grooves of Stoner Rock and Death Punk of Turbonegro.” So they say on their website, and that probably isn’t a bad description of what you get to hear when you listen to the album by Demonhead. Maybe they should add generic to that description as they don’t really offer anything fresh or exciting. The vocalist is pretty drab, and the production is nothing special – they keep playing time sensible, but the album could have been more varied.

It is a decent album with decent songs, nothing that really stands out but it works okay. There is probably a chance that you will like it if you like the similar bands listed above this review text but the chance is probably as good that you will find it less than appealing. They don’t really bring us anything we haven’t heard before, and the style isn’t very demonic or dark, the black devil tells some tiny white lies and that isn’t very exciting – not enough to be noticed in the world of today.

Well, it could be worth checking out if you like the bands mentioned before in the text. I do however think, that even if you like the above bands the chances might be that you aren’t very impressed with this album. It works as a frisbee though, perhaps something to do if you are quarantined due to the Corona virus that ravages around the world these days.