Loud and Proud

Label: Mighty Music/Target
Three similar bands: Tygers of Pan Tang/Satan/Avenger

Rating: HHHHHHH (2/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Loud And Proud
2. Without You (alternate version)
3. Falling Into Darkness (orchestrated version)
4. Together (We Are Strong)
5. After Dark
6. Schools Out

Brian Ross - Lead Vocals
Ken Johnson - Guitars
Alan Ross - Guitars
Matt Graham - Drums
Liam Ferguson - Bass

A Time of Changes (1985)
Ten Years of Blitzkrieg (EP 1991)
Unholy Trinity (1995)
Ten (1996)
The Mists of Avalon (1998)
Absolute Power (2002)
Sins and Greed (2005)
Theatre of the Damned (2007)
Back from Hell (2013)
A Time of Changes: 30th Anniversary Edition (2015)
Reign of Fire (EP 2017)
Judge Not (2018)


Artwork by Roberto Toderico
2019-mastering at Medley Studios

Released 2019-12-06
Reviewed 2020-03-18

mighty music

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I was pretty judgmental when I wrote about Blitzkriegs previous album Judge Not – I judged, and judged pretty harshly. Now they arrive with an EP and the logical sense for an EP is usually to make a teaser for an upcoming album, but this one is rehashing stuff from Judge Not along with some older stuff – nothing from an upcoming album. I guess they are a fairly uncreative band having nothing new to show a year and a half after the debut. Either they are looking to fulfil a contract or hope to capitalise on fan loyalty – neither is a recipe for a successful release, at least not from a quality standpoint.

I wrote welcome to Jurassic park in the previous review and it is hard not to claim that this album has a sound of the Jurassic period and one would imagine that carbon dating rather than a calendar would reveal the release date. Classic heavy metal by fogies for fogies, we heard most of it on the album Judge Not. There is some more dynamics here but also more of a sense of rejects, and certainly not innovative or fresh. The production is okay and so are the vocals, none of those aspects stand out though and it is difficult to shake the sense of irrelevance here.

The tracks themselves are uninteresting but not really bad, the problem is that they have already been released before – perhaps if they kept the EP shorter, 33 minutes is album length for me. I am not impressed, and the sense that this EP is very irrelevant, pointless, ad a waste is impossible to shake. It seems like they are just hoping that the loyal fans should buy whatever crap they decide to release – not that the songs are crappy but most of it was already released on Judge Not and I don’t like bands that release stuff like this.

Judge Not is a better choice, this is just meaningless and devoid of inspiration, ideas and fantasy. The world would probably be slightly better without this album, the fans will probably collect it anyway and it does at least look better than Judge Not. But why don’t they release another album instead? I get the feeling that the world has moved on while Blitzkrieg still remains in some distant past, I guess time has moved on while they haven’t.