Letters From a Lost Soul
Act I: The World One Forms

Label: Independent
Three similar bands: Rush/Caligula’s Horse/Leprous

Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm
1. Letters From A Lost Soul
2. Wings
3. Tailwind
4. Octosun/Wings (Reprised)

Rogan McAndrews – Guitar, Bass, Vocals (Damian), Synths
Anna Draper – Vocals (Hope)
Deyson Thiara – Drums


Chelsea Finnigan and Griffin - vocals (new anchors)

Produced by: Rogan McAndrews & Deyson Thiara
Mixed by: Deyson Thiara
Mastered by: Deyson Thiara
Album Artwork by: Kate Depatie, Rogan McAndrews

Released 2020-11-06
Reviewed 2020-11-05



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Arcana writes some letters, Letters from a Lost Soul and this is the first act it is about the world one forms – or something like that. This is their debut release, an EP of four tracks and it has a pretty cool cover art. Rogan McAndrews is the main lost soul of the band and we here at Hallowed have been listening to the letters and here’s what we think.

They tell their story through progressive rock or metal, inspired by the likes of Rush, Leprous and bands like that. Good variation over the four tracks, good depth through the songs and strong melodies with good vocals both from main singer McAndrews and the other vocal performances. The production is also good and the sound is quite fresh, it isn’t too often we hear progressive rock or metal that is actually progressive with a sense of novelty and everything you want from a new release.

I like this one, it is a good EP, or excellent. It is 21 great minutes split in four tracks where the last one probably is the finest, but that is in strong competition with the three that comes before it. I like that we get a fresh sounding album, I might lament that it is a tad on the short side but with a second part it might become really exciting. However, it should be exciting enough to merit a closer look – especially if you enjoy the progressive rock and metal genre.

Brilliant stuff, not just a great debut but a great EP overall. And it promises a lot for the band’s future, I find this one to be quite enjoyable and it is certainly worth checking out. It is great, not just fun to listen, and it is great that there still are progressive musicians and bands that manages to do something novel and just copying the same thing as everyone else.