1. Uncle
2. Kneel
3. Belgrade
4. Misli Teku
5. Joy
6. Falling Apart
7. Frame
8. Cut It Out
9. Karoshi
10. Hesitation


Fidel Aeberli - drums
Yannick Consaël - guitar/vocals
Amedeo Mauriello - bass

Violet Violence (2016)


Written and composed by Sooma
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rémi Gettliffe at White Bat Recorders

Released 2018-03-30
Reviewed 2018-11-09


ambulance recordings

Swiss garagerockers or punk rockers or something like that is how you can describe this trio called Sooma. Some time ago they released their second album, a self titled effort that I am reviewing today. One cannot really accuse them of having the most amazing cover of this album; I wonder how they decided on that dull grey picture. The cover isn’t everything though and the music might have some redeeming features, or so you might think. So how about it?

Musically it can hardly be described as something original, it is low budget punky rock music, with some rackety sound and some energy through the songs. Pretty simple production and not that polished sound that we get to hear from most bands these days, and sometimes that is a refreshing thing but it isn’t this time. The variation isn’t much to write home about, and one of the better things about the album is that the playing time isn’t very long – not much foundation for a fanbase I’d say.

And it isn’t a very impressive album; it doesn’t feel like hearing a new album more like a regurgitation of things done many times before. Perhaps not a bad thing in itself as familiarity is popular in music but from a creative standpoint it is hard to see the point. And it is not like it offers anything spectacular in terms of songs or musical quality, which has me wondering why they didn’t make more of an effort to find a more appealing voice. Perhaps they will appeal to fans of low budget rock music, I like more elaborate things than this.

Conclusions are easy, I don’t really like this one and I am not sure that it is an album that will appeal to any kind of wider audience. There are nothing on this album that grabs me or anything, but sure it isn’t so bad that you want to vomit – that isn’t much to build a fanbase on. And with that I can just end this shortish review by concluding that this album isn’t a very exciting one, I think you can miss it with a good conscience.




Label: Ambulance Recordings
Three similar bands: Slag in Cullet/Modern Rituals/Bardo Pond

Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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