1. Partisan
2. Conflagration
3. Tired & Red (Live at the Rock Hard Festival 2018)

Tom Angelripper – bass, vocals
Frank Blackfire – guitars
Yorck Segatz – guitars
Husky – drums

Obsessed by Cruelty (1986)
Persecution Mania (1987)
Agent Orange (1989)
Better Off Dead (1990)
Tapping the Vein (1992)
Get What You Deserve (1994)
Masquerade in Blood (1995)
'Til Death Do Us Unite (1997)
Code Red (1999)
M-16 (2001)
Sodom (2006)
The Final Sign of Evil (2007)
In War and Pieces (2010)
Epitome of Torture (2013)
Decision Day (2016)



Released 2018-11-23
Reviewed 2018-11-17



The old geezers called Sodom release a new EP, Angelripper and whatever he calls himself has a new team so perhaps this can be described as a new start for the band, or perhaps a teaser for their upcoming tour with some other old geezers. It is an EP of two studio songs and one live song; it has a terrible artwork, so ugly that I would not want it in my record shelf even if it were good. So what about the music then, is the old geezer coming up with something worthwhile or is it just a waste of seventeen minutes?

Thrash metal of the old kind, kind of like Sodom or any other thrash geezer always does. There are no musical surprises, no moments that has you stop in your stride to notice some musical brilliance, just thrash metal. The production is the same as it usually is and so is the vocals. There isn’t much to notice here at all and good thing is that they keep it short with just seventeen minutes so you don’t have time to grow bored with the music you hear. Thing is though, that you might find yourself thinking that this is a rather pointless little thing with one live song and two studio songs that doesn’t really change you perspective on Sodom whatsoever.

It is a pretty decent set of tracks but nothing really impressive, it is nothing that breaks any new ground or anything. It doesn’t really impress me that much as it is quite standardised thrash metal that doesn’t really do anything we haven’t heard before. Sure they may be a band that once was leading the thrash metal revolution but they haven’t really evolved since then and are kind of stuck in the past and only really appealing to those that are already fans of the band – I have a hard time seeing that this little pointless EP should win them any new fans.

Partisan is a decent little EP, an EP that will be appealing to the band’s fans and perhaps not many others. Those of us with a more passing interest in the genre or the band might find it less interesting and a lot less appealing and could probably overlook it entirely. I think that Sodom are preaching to their flock, those of us not into their flock should not really bother with this little EP.





Label: Steamhammer/SPV
Three similar bands: Kreator/Exodus /Slayer
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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