As A New Revolt

1. Blood Brothers
2. Empire
3. Speechless
4. Retina
5. Riot Porn
6. Perfect
7. Scream Patrol
8. Now!
9. Kompromat

Manu Barrero - vocals, instruments
Julien Lhuillier - drums

As A New Revolt (2016)
Speechless (2017)


Produced & powered by As a New Revolt
Recorded and mixed by Manu Berrero & Eric Molina at Electric Society, Grenoble, France
Mastered by Andy 'Hippy' Baldwin at Metropolis Studios, London, UK
Cover artwork by Studio Gris
Conception Graphique: Marie Gatard

Released 2018-11-16
Reviewed 2018-11-20


The revolting French duo returns with a new album, it contains the same tracks as the EP Speechless that I reviewed earlier this year and to that they have added five tracks. This new album has a pretty drab cover and nine songs. Speechless didn’t impress me much when I listened to it and it would be quite brilliant if that album was quite great as a change compared with the EP, too bad that isn’t the case.

Musically it is the same kind of rapcore, punk, or industrial styled music with rock, metalcore, hip-hop and electronic stuff combined into a unity of alternative rock music. The performances and sound are good enough and the album is varied within its musical frame, not really giving a sense of depth and variation. Good thing is that they keep the album short but perhaps they could have used less of the previous EP and brought out some new and more exciting stuff.

I don’t think this album is better than the EP; it is kind of the same. Pretty dull songs that never really come to life is how I would describe this album. It may be quite okay in most regards but it doesn’t really impress me and the songs are a little bit boring. Kind of a yawn I think, tracks like Retina illustrate this fact really well. The best track is probably the title track of the EP, Speechless that is a pretty fine song even though it may not be the most impressive track I have ever heard and in the end I find this album to be at best ordinary.

I can’t say that I can recommend this one, and if you already have heard the EP and wasn’t too impressed I think you will look at this album in the same way. This might appeal to fans of the genre and fans of the band, the rest of us can safely overlook this rather uninteresting album.





Label: Atypeek Diffusion / Sand Music
Three similar bands: Senser/Rage against the machine/Urban Dance Squad
Rating: HHHHHHH (3/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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