Princess of the Dark

1. World of the Dead
2. Princess of the Dark
3. Storm of Steel
4. Twilight of the Gods
5. Like an Angel
6. Eternity
7. Phantasia
8. Eternal Flame
9. Screams
10. Revelation
11. Cherokee
12. She Rides the Lightning
13. Divine

Elena Minina - vocals
Alexander Baier - composition, all music
Ralf Neumann - drums




Released 2017-07-14
Reviewed 2017-06-01



Tigersclaw, that sounds sharp – was my first thought when I got this album. Then I also noticed the great artwork that draw me into the album, making me really want to hear it. The band is fronted by a Russian soprano and she has two German instrumentalists to make here shine. And shine she does. This long-distance relationship works really well and the music is interesting and fairly exciting, albeit not overly unique.

The first thing I thought when hearing this album was that the vocalist is really good. Then I thought that the production is very good, the musicians certainly know their stuff – all of them. It is melodic metal/power metal we are dealing with here; their style is comparable to most similar bands meaning that they don’t really offer up anything we haven’t heard before. But while they are not unique, they do make music that sounds modern and fresh.

I think they make a really good album; the songs are great and flow really well through the album. Even so, I think that they could have kept it somewhat shorter, the songs don’t really have enough variation to keep my undivided attention all the way to the end. They could have skipped a few songs but not the title track and not the single track Cherokee because those great tracks that raises the level of this album. Even though it is on the long side the hour-long album is really great and I have really enjoyed listening to it, it is a really strong album and fans of the female fronted metal music should really have a look at this album.

Tigersclaw has put together a great album with lots of bite and great songs, an album that I can recommend to anyone. I think it is an entertaining album and that Tigersclaw deserve to be noticed for the great album they have put together. Thumbs up for this great release, they have really sharp tiger's claws and they can really scratch you. Great stuff!





Label: 7Hard
Three similar bands: Evenoire/Nightwish/Operatika
Rating: HHHHHHH (5/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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