Nørrebro Nights

1. Red Wine Melancholia
2. Nørrebrogade
3. Neon Lakes
4. Kierkegaard between trees and spheres
5. Regina
6. Morgendämmerung

Thomas Kudela

Sternlumen (2016)


Produced by Thomas Kudela
Mixed and mastered by Boe Larsen

Released 2017-09-23
Reviewed 2017-09-21



Behind the Sternlumen moniker hides a man named Thomas who lives with his Piano in a neighbourhood called Nørrebro. Last year he released a self titled debut album and now comes the follow up that is a tribute to Thomas beloved neighbourhood Nørrebro, where you get to know the contrasts through the year from the warm summers to the cold winter nights and so on. It is an exciting and promising adventure through this place, an adventure painted by the skilled fingers on the piano keys.

The story is told in six chapters, no vocals just the piano talking and telling the story. It is a bit jazzy, a bit minimalistic and a bit borrowed from the classical piano players. I think it is strongly performed and well produced, Thomas is a decent player and songwriter no doubt about that. The variation is good and there is decent depth as well and when I am listening I can’t help but thinking that it is great that every now and again comes an album that breaks away from the usual variety we seem to get – that is always an enjoyable thing and I tend to like those little albums a lot – and this is no exception.

This is a strong story, a good album. I especially like the second track Nørrebrogade that is a great song with a great climax towards the end, which is an excellent highlight of this album. The other tracks are quite good as well, I have enjoyed listening to them all and I think that anyone who likes a good piece on the piano will enjoy this album. In fact, I think that most of you who like good music will enjoy this album, even though I think it should have more tracks of the same calibre as the second track.

This album by Sternlumen can certainly be worth checking out, it has many appealing qualities and offers some really strong songs. Thomas and his piano certainly have put together an interesting album, which I think could be well worth listening to.





Label: Totta Leela Music/Gateway Music
Three similar bands: Nils Frahm/Lubomyr Melnyk/Keith Jarrett

Rating: HHHHHHH (4/7)
Reviewer: Daniel Källmalm

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